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KLS’ IMER has organized a special panel discussion on ARTHAKRANTI- a unique approach, which will enable ‘Principled, Prosperous and Peaceful living’ for all citizens of our country on 10th December 2014 from 10.30 am to 12 Noon in the auditorium. The discussion was led by the keynote speaker Mr. Deepak Karanjikar from Mumbai, who is a member of Arthakranti Pratishtan, Pune.arthkranti

Mr. Karanjikar said “ArthaKranti Proposal attempts to address the motive behind the corruption and tools for the same (high denomination notes). Implementing the ArthaKranti Proposal will deal lethal blows to the parallel economy by bringing it back into the fold of the Banking System and removing its favored currency of high denomination. Strong governance and the traceability of transactions coupled with these factors will ensure very unfavorable conditions for corruption at the macro level.

Corruption at the micro level is likely to take some time to disappear since it is also linked with moral standards of society. However, a number of steps can be recommended to introduce an element of deterrence and ensure accountability such as encouraging people to have bank account and increase bank transactions. Through such means, all dishonest and anti-social elements can be effectively tracked and charged under strict laws of the land.

Dr. A. B Kalkundrikar, Mentor-KLS GIT-Department of MBA, Dr. Nitin Khot-Passionate Belgaumite, Shri Uday Kalkundrikar, Chairman GC-KLS GIT, Belgaum were the panelists during the discussion. The discussion threw new perspective on current tax structure in India and the tentative proposal by Arthakranti Pratishtan to revamp the same. The panelists also highlighted the challenges that may face the new design of taxation. Mr. Rajendra K. Belgaumkar, Chairman, Governing Council, KLS IMER concluded the discussion by emphasizing the need for spreading this new idea in cross section of the society.

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