Battle for Belgaum begins from tomorrow

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Tomorrow the election commission will issue the notification for the Assembly elections and the battle for Belgaum will begin. 

The battle this time is very unique and some astonishing results could be also our way. There is an anti incumbency in all the three Belgaum AC’s.
The anti incumbency factor will hit all the three sitting MLAs and also the revolt by the candidates will hamper their chances to a great extent.

In north, Feroz Sait of the Indian National Congress will face competition only from MES candidate and Ramesh Kudachi of the BSR congress. Sources said that the BJP candidate for north Jadhav is not a well known to many and seems to be a dummy candidate. Anil Benake of the BJP a favorite for the seat who did not get a ticket is all set to revolt and this will hit Jadhav the most. Another important factor would be the MES candidature, the MES is trying to field in only one Marathi candidate this time to garner the max votes, but here with almost about 32% minority votes, if another candidate fro the minority community stands this will again change the equation.

For the south, which is the most watched out seat by the media will be very interesting only after the MES declares its candidate. Also the congress has to declare its candidate. If Anil Potdar is given the south seat it would be a battle to watch for and in this case the caste will play an important role. If MES gives ticket to Sambhaji Patil this could be the most highly watched seat in the state. The present MLA is facing a lot of anti incumbency and the opposition will try to make the most use of this.
In the rural, the current MLA is also facing anti incumbency and with Laxmi Hebbalkar from the congress contesting it will only make matters worse for the sitting MLA to win again. Here again MES can play a important role and with majority Marathi votes in this constituency if only one Marathi candidate is fielded the balance can turn any side.

As of now the KJP does not look like it will make a huge impact on the result in the above three AC’s.
So let the battle begin, may the best person win and it is WE who have to vote them to power, so be brave, think clear and VOTE for democracy. 

2 thoughts on “Battle for Belgaum begins from tomorrow”

  1. it is very true wen it comes to the anti incumbency as of for the south n rural…as per my views,the north has more of inclination towards feroz sait…its a worth while to watch wen it comes to the south..watching anil potdar n shambaji patil against the sitting mla… but it will b more interesting wen basavraj javali gets into the battle…(if v recall the voice raised against mr javali last year regarding the road development frm 3rd gate to ws revolutionary n inspiring n one of its kind)… will be a tough one for the ruling mla.. ali re ali aataa tuji bari aali..:P


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