Complete list of Candidates with Age, Education, Assets details


On May 12 the electorate of Belagavi North, South and Rural will vote and elect their MLA and to make it easier for you to come on a conclusion we have compiled all this data for you.

We keep complaining later, but now is the hour to about your candidate and then arrive on a decision to choose the best for you and your city.


candidates-2018-list belagaviSadanand Ramachandra Metri is the youngest Candidate with age 29

Sambhaji Patil is the eldest candidate with the age of 67


Least: 5th Standard –

Sambhaji Patil & Mohammedrasul Bepari


Laxmi Hebbalkar MA Political science

Ashfaq Ahmed Madaki -MBA


Highest: Fairoz Saith -17 Crore +

Lowest: Ahmar Gove – 10,000


Belagavi Candidates Age
  Below 30 30-40 40-50 50-60 Above 60
Belagavi North 0 4 6 3 2
Belagavi Rural 0 3 5 2 2
Belagavi South 1 2 6 2 2
Total 1 9 17 7 6
5th to 9th STD SSLC PUC/ Diploma Bachelors Degree Masters Degree
Belagavi North 3 4 2 5 1
Belagavi Rural 2 5 2 2 1
Belagavi South 2 9 1 1 0
Total 7 18 5 7 2


  1. Definitely my city people do not elect illiterate candidate and a big NO to all the previously elect Ed candidate they r fake, with fake promise they will never makeup to the mark. Elect wise the wise who has a vision for the city n citizens development.,
    But then what i think is if any elected candidate doesn’t keep his/her words v “the citizen” must have the power to pull the govt. down n elect fresh gender they will learn lesson. Let I go on until the elect Ed knows there responsibility. Not just enjoy on our money. Which they happen to do at all times.

  2. 1)Kiran Thakur the most arrogant/selfish person is responsible for MES Splits.He doesn’t want to solve disputed border issue but to keep this issue alive as he can earn his bread.
    2) Smabhaji Patil (The so called Buddha Tiger ) This 6th Fail useless bugger has not done any development when he was 3 times Mayor and 3 times MLA. He wants to just eat Hindu/Maratha votes and defeat BJP. I am sure he would have have lot of money from Feroz Saith. Again this is Kiran Thakurs plan.
    3)The blind supporters of MES , who doesn’t even know that Border dispute issue is due in Supreme Court and soon they may announce verdict.
    4) About Belgaum Rural, Lakshmi Hebbalkar is the most corrupt Congress candidate who was caught by Income Tax department with 100+ Crores cash and jewellery and also who is distributing freebies. Her candidature should have been disqualified.


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