FIR filed against Sanjay Patil for ‘Hindu Vs Muslim’ remark

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Election Commission has filed an FIR against BJP MLA Sanjay Patil for making an inflammatory speech with a communal touch at a public meeting in Belagavi.
Sanjay Patil while addressing a gathering in Karnataka’s Belagavi yesterday, said that the upcoming elections in the state is not about roads, water or other issues but about Hindus vs Muslims, Ram Mandir vs Babri Masjid.


The FIR was registered in Marihal police station in Belgaum rural district under Sections 253a, 259A of Indian Penal Code (IPC).

Karnataka Chief Electoral Officer Sanjiv Kumar said that the Commission had taken cognisance of the remark and would allow law to take its own course.

3 thoughts on “FIR filed against Sanjay Patil for ‘Hindu Vs Muslim’ remark”

  1. To run for an office should not be based on religion,race, creed, gender,social status or rich versus poor. The quality of the person who wants to be elected should have hunger to develop ,grow , maintain and lead the community., if he/ she has NO hunger for the care of community, city,state or nation but to care for their own pocket, to create division instead of uniting people for common good, to sowin seeds of hatred instead of peace, to elevating self rather than elevating the community, to buy votes with false representation, and to promises which are made to be soon broken as soon as get elected into the officee. These kinds of persons should not get vote from smart citizens. Voters should examine their own hearts for the betterment of our future. Think about kids, grandkids and generation entering in this world, every citizen deserve better, every child deserve better, leave this place in better condition than you have found it. Let your conscious get hold of you before you vote.

  2. Well said Mr Shaikhar
    Our city has changed from Belgaum to Belgavi
    No other developments, now with politicians seeking divide in the community
    GOD save our city


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