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Tomorrow last day for nominations

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Today, Tuesday the following persons filed in their nomination: 

Belgaum North: Akhila Pathan (Ind), Feroz N Sait (INC), Magdum Ismail (Ind), RafiqueAhemad Desai (Ind), Mahendra Deshpande (BSP), Nagesh V Sakhare (Ind).

Belgaum South: Siddappa Dodmani (KJP), Anil Potdar(INC), Ashok Sanadi(JDU).

Belgaum Rural: Siddagowda Modagi (JDU), Shivaji Sunthkar (Ind), Anandswami Gaddevearmath(Ind)

Yamkanmardi: Satish L Jarkhiholi (INC), Yallgund Naik (JDU), Sanram Naik (Janatadal)


Election Observers have arrived in the city and would be housed in the circuit house. People are advised to contact the observers if the need is felt.
Belgaum North: Immad Haque94830-78254 ([email protected])

Belgaum South: Dayanidhan Pandey 94830-74958 ([email protected])

Belgaum Rural: S S Guleria 94830-78283 ([email protected])

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