Attractively Fugly Suryakant Park

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A prime location which was a playground then reserved by the Cantonment as A! Defence land. Subsequently a garden was built which housed a fountain in the center, a walking path on the side huge Ashoka trees on the sides.

Suryakant Park Camp Belgaum

This is Suryakant Park built and maintained by the Cantonment board at Gogte Circle. Now the park gives a fugly look with grass grown all over, the fountain hasnt been working for years now, even the fencing was removed recently and now it houses a few street dwellers who are safe inside in the park premises.

Whose responsibility is it to maintain this? The Cantonment as it has built it, and if they cant maintain why should one build such green spaces. A growing city will always need green spaces to breathe and if the same are not maintained well it gives a fugly look. With the railway station on the corner visitors to the city are welcomed by this sight which is not encouraging at all.

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  1. Fugly?
    Would you write the words “fucking ugly” on this website? Hopefully the answer is no. So why choose to use the shortened version which still forces in the minds of the reader to imagine the full meaning of the word?

    Please take a minute to reconsider changing out this word. Ugly would have made your point.


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