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Auto Fare by meter is a FARCE in Belgaum

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Symbolic Belgaum Auto: No Uniform No Meter
Symbolic Belgaum Auto: No Uniform No Meter

Each Belgaumite was happy within himself saying from now on he too will be saved from the LOOT of the Auto drivers. But nothing. 

AAB did a reality check and things are no different as they were for so many years.
A person wanted to go from Khade bazar to Bogarves(distance is less than 1.2 kms) the auto driver said Rs.40 when asked why not meter he said, “no meter he said you do your work I am doing my work go and talk to dc… We are going to charge you like this.”

Another commuter wanted to go to Ramdev Hotel from Samadevi Galli and the auto driver 70, when asked why 70 he said “60 last Ane ka to aao”.

The District administration did impose fines on August 1 and what after that is this some kind of rule on paper like the rule of Helmets. Do you all know that wearing of helmets is compulsory while driving two wheelers in Belgaum.
The problem is implementation.
Sorry to say but the drama is over and we are back to where we left DIS-HEARTENED.

Commuters must try and complain to the nearest police station or constable. 

5 thoughts on “Auto Fare by meter is a FARCE in Belgaum”

  1. Authority incharge please cancel all the auto permit and licenses of those who do not charge by the meter. Again common man he looted with no fear of the law. Feel very sorry.

  2. I am from Belgaum and had my schooling there. There is a strange nexus between RTO, POLICE, ADMINISTRATION and the AUTOwallas in Belgaum, which you find nowhere else. I travel all over and presently in US.
    I am pretty sure why meters can not work in Belgaum. And they will never work. You mark my words. Only I know the secret!
    You Begaumites, you get what you deserve !

  3. Autowaala’s are small entrepreneurs of their own. They should be allowed to run their business in their own way,and b/c they don’t get any funding or benefits from the Govt the administration has no right on them . Also, comparing it with the taxi system in some of the developed nations is totally unfair 🙂

    • Agreed that its a business. But every business has some ethics involved. Every services industry follows certain norms. Its illegal (atleast morally and ethically) to gang up and loot customers. If such a situation arises, the government establishment has authority to intervene. And its not as if its being unfair to them. Agreed that they dont get funding, roads are not good and hence maintainence is expensive. But again having structured and uniform fee system for services is all that is asked for. If you dont agree with x amount per kilometer, make it 10x amount per kilometer. But let it be consistant across all customers and areas. Not like if the auto guy thinks that its an area where the customer has no other choice, then he can demand 100 Rs for just 2 kilometers. Thats unfair my friend. And every other city (atleast the sane ones) follow meter system. Thats how it is. You have to quantize your services and not charge as per mood.

      I hope your comment was more in sarcasm rather than really defending unfair practices in business.


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