Auto ka meter down from March 2 in Belagavi

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In a meeting chaired by DC N Jayram he announced that from Monday March 2, All Autos in the city will have to collect the fare as per the meter.

Minimum Fare: Rs.20 (2Kms)

Rs.10 per km after the firs 2 kms

One and Half time charge from 10 pm to 6 am

03--DC Meeting (1)
First case against auto drivers for not charging as per meter would be Rs.100 for 2nd offense would be Rs.200 and for the 3rd offense it would be Rs.1000, any more subsequent offense recorded, the permit will get canceled.

Also pre paid auto booths would be commenced soon at CBT, Station and Nehru nagar.
The press release does not make any mention of how one can make a complaint so we are very apprehensive on this deadline as it has happened in the past. 

Also look at the Indicative fares from various locations

Auto Fare Chart

6 thoughts on “Auto ka meter down from March 2 in Belagavi”

  1. Can the police in civil dress test this implementation of Auto as per meter charge in different parts of the city and who ever dont agrees need to fine them. (This has to be continuous process and police should make a record of this kind of tests)

  2. Its a very good beginning if at all implemented as it should not go the way anti encroachment drive has gone. Gomtesh structure is still very much visible. It will be one of the greatest achievement for Belgaum.
    However no one should have any doubts about DC Mr.Jairam as he is genuinely working to resolve so many issues and most visible and active DC Belgaum has ever seen.

  3. This is the best thing, that has ever happened in Belgaum. Much need to highly conceited auto drivers, all time asking for more money than usual with hooliganism all around. And Police should act on such mischievous behavior, a routine check should be conducted cops in civil dress. This will keep Auto drivers in their limits.
    Also a help line for passengers needs to set up, for if, any passenger who faces auto drivers with mischievous behavior and charging obnoxiously high charges, shouldnt get into fight with the auto drivers. Just note down the auto number and pass the message to help line, with the respective concern. and cops have to act on it seriously.

    Lets wait and see how it goes.



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