Auto ka meter Down – Thodi khusi Thoda Gam


On the day one of the implementation of meters mandatory to all the auto rickshaws, it was a scene of Thodi Khushi and Thoda Gam.

Police checking the Auto Meters at Belagavi
Police checking the Auto Meters at Belagavi
Police checking the Auto Meters at Belagavi
Police checking the Auto Meters at Belagavi


The police with all its force started to check the meters and permits at Chennamma circle. There was a verbal clash of the drivers and the police but the police was on its feet today to get the ball rolling with respect to the implementation of the fare by meter.

We did not the see the complete implementation, we did a check where the digital meters weren’t working at all.



  1. What about people who share auto where city bus frequency is very less, Bcoz when the first person enters the auto rickshaw driver will not activate the meter, and also different people alight at different places, how will the fare be charged.

    Our people are not so rich to afford individual auto rickshaw.

  2. Improve the city bus services in the morning early from 6 am to 9 am and in the evening frm 7 pm to 10 pm automatically auto walonki masti giregi

  3. Kaha Down hua?

    My parents wanted to take an auto today in the morning from Bus stand to Adarsh Nagar, they checked with several Autos but no one was ready to go by meter. No police was also available to complain. Looks like this time also it is only on Papers.

    Also the private bus in which they traveled from Bangalore to Belgaum was not ready to go inside city citing stone pelting on the bus

  4. At least to begin with a good job by the police by checking the autos for meter. This should continue and strictly implemented for the benefit of the people of Belgaum.


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