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Automatic Ticket Vending Machines installed at Belagavi railway station

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For the benefit of passengers, three Automatic Ticket Vending Machines (ATVMs) have been provided at Belagavi railway station. These ATVMs are kept in the concourse area at the entrance of station building which has been recently improved by modifying the old reservation office. These are smart card based machines through which passengers can obtain unreserved railway tickets for ordinary, express, and superfast trains. Along with this, renewal of season tickets and issue of platform tickets can also be done in a hassle free manner.

Automatic Ticket Vending Machines installed at Belagavi railway station.To purchase tickets through these ATVM machines, passengers shall first buy a smart card from the booking counter on payment of Rs.100/- in which Rs.52/- will be credited in the card as currency for buying unreserved tickets.
Further, these smart cards can be recharged for various denominations starting from Rs.50/- to Rs.10,000/- in which passengers will also be given a bonus of 5% over and above the recharge value. Such recharge can be done at any booking counter over South Western Railway. The validity of this card will be one year from the date of last recharge. However, cancellation of tickets purchased through ATVM machines will be done at booking windows only and the normal charges applicable for cancellation of unreserved tickets will apply. Belagavi stations handles about 6500 passengers per day, and on an average about 4000 unreserved tickets are issued.
With the commissioning of these ATVM machines, passengers can now avoid standing in long queues to buy tickets especially during rush hours.

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