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Automatic Weather Station at Belagavi is not working in Belagavi since 14 Nov 2021

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Automatic Weather Station (AWS) which aims AWS network is to monitor weather phenomena for forecasting, climatology, and research is not working in Belagavi Since 14th November 2021 as Confirmed from AWS Server, Pune.

We had filed an RTI to seek the same information as we could not find the Belagavi station listed on the AWS platform.

In Belagavi District AWS is available at Kanabargi.

It is installed at, Horticultural Research Station, on 01.01.2011

Present Status: not working (since 14th November 2021) (as Confirmed from AWS Server, Pune)

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An Automatic Weather Station (AWS) is defined as a facility that automatically transmits or records observations obtained from measuring instruments. In an AWS, the measurements of meteorological elements are converted into electrical signals through sensors.

The signals are then processed and transformed into meteorological data. The resulting information is finally transmitted by wire or radio or automatically stored on a recording medium. In this chapter, a brief introduction to AWS has been given.

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