The Awakening of the Commissioner of Police page on Facebook

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Govt agencies still shying away from social media, and now on February 2, 2017 the dead Facebook Page of the Commissioner of Police Belagavi city has been awakened with the post of the arrest of Sharp shooters.

The good news is, it has been followed up regular updates in the past three days.

The importance of social media, its direct outreach and inherent potential to shape public opinion is uncontested. Used in the right way, it enables quick and effective dialogue with citizens making it indispensable to any government.

police-fb-page belagaviThe Belagavi police had its Facebook Pages (2011) and even Twitter handles but were never used and all were unresponsive in a couple of months.

Now it is good to see some stories been shared by the Department.

Traffic Police Chandigarh, Bangalore Traffic Police, Delhi Traffic Police and Mumbai Traffic Police, apart from the regular traffic updates, they also respond to people’s complaints and even educate citizens about road safety rules. 

We would also expect the same to be followed by the Belagavi CoP page.

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