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Baby girl abandoned at RC nagar

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When the entire country is talking about caring about the girl child after Amir Khans Satyamev Jayte, in Belgaum a two day old baby girl was abandoned at the Laxmi temple situated at Rani Chennamma nagar second stage.
This morning the pujari of the temple saw the abandoned girl and called in the police.
The girl who was critical is now stable at the civil hospital.
Police say, the birth of the baby must have been taken in a hospital only but was abandoned as it was a girl.
In the first show of Satyamev Jayte name of Belgaum was mentioned as one from where human trafficking of women is done.

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  1. shame on the Indian society for such a bias against a girl child. Some good family should adopt the girl and name her as Aishwarya. people of belgaum can take a lead an show the way . these should be highlighted in big way .

  2. Hello Uday,

    Could you please enlighten us on the adoption procedure in such cases or is their foster parenting possibility with the help of NGO’s like ADDAR.

    Thanks & regards,

  3. Harayana is the worst state in India followed by Punjab for the girl child.I stayed in Haryana & Punjab regions during my posting tenure.The reasons for abandoning / fotecide of the female child as stated by them is as follows :-
    1. Dahej (Hunda) The amount of Hunda to be given by the girls parents is simply huge. The parents of the boy demand a new brand expensive car in addition to the dahej.
    2.There is a lot of responsibility on the Girls parents regarding the security for the girl child especially during the adolescent age,when the girls become a victim of indecent /vulgar eve teasing some time molestation /rape .
    3. The Girls parents do not have sufficient money to pay Dahej (Hunda).The girls parents do not visit parents of their son in law due to second degree treatment given to them.
    4.Molestation and Rape episodes are quite rampant in states of Harayana & Punjab areas.
    The condition is so pathetic as men do not get girls to marry due to the female foeticide. Five men marrying a single lady is quite rampant.
    Many of the families of my neighbours used to say ” AAP MERE BETI KO SOUTH KE LADKE SE SHADI KARVALO,SUNA HAI VAHA DAHEJ KA SAMASYA NAHIN”
    During visit to the naming cermony of the male child .The boys parents used to say ” HUM KO LOTTERY LAG GAYA,HUMEY BHAUT PAISE MILENGE”
    But after reading this Blog ,I was disappointed to know that a girl child is not welcomed in Belgaum . :- ((((((


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