Baharat Bandh call by BJP

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The BJP has given a Bharat Bandh call and in Belgaum at 10am the BJP leaders are marching down the main market areas so that l the shops are closed.

IMG 3117The city buses are plying the Autos are also plying but commercial establishment were seen closed as at 10 am. Traffic was normal. All schools and colleges were also closed after the order from the DC it is told.
The entire market is closed. How ever a few small hotels and shops are open in a few areas.
Even at 5pm all shops are closed in the main market which means that the Bandh has been successful. This is the way it is looked at. After 10pm the city bus service and inter city bus service was also stopped which caused a lot of hardships to the travellers.
A few autos were on the road and they took advantage of the situation to demand more fare.
Not many knew why this Bandh was being done actually and one vegetable vendor said, Unko kuch doosra kaam hai kya!

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  1. No use calling “BANDH”NDA should come up with some solution or advice to the UPA how they reduce the price to control……………..rather then calling Bandh,


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