Barricades back at first gate

The barricades blocking traffic towards Mandoli Road
The barricades blocking traffic towards Mandoli Road

In mid June 2014 barricades were placed at First gate to ensure smooth flow of traffic. The police were quite successful as well in ensuring the smooth flow of traffic on Congress road. But residents from Mandoli road, GP colony are still complaining about the the extra distance to cover and also this has put more pressure and traffic on Second gate.

Now the police has decided to put up barricades at second gate as well. This too was planned somewhere in mid august but was not implemented.

During Ganesh Festival the barricades were removed. Also the divider and highmast lamp was removed on the pretext that a better signaling facility would be installed but nothing has happened on that front as yet.

The height of the dividers on Congress road is very low almost at road level, through which motorists cross the divider trying to avoid the detour. Even after informing the Corporation in June the height of the dividers has not been elevated.


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  1. A simple flyover is the best and permanent solution for this and I believe the design was also prepared by some engg. students which was put up on this site, then why not take it seriously and implement it. I don’t understand.


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