Basappa Chikkladinni is the new Mayor of Belagavi


Chikkladinni Basappa Siddapp (ward No.55) is the new Mayor of Belagavi.

The post of the Mayor was reserved for Scheduled Tribe category. The Ruling Marathi group did not have a candidate from the category and hence it was very clear that the Kannada group will make its Mayor this time.

chikaldani mayor


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  1. Agree a new nomenclature is required rather than calling Kannada, Marathi or Urdu groups. Editor not at fault here, since media has been using the same for years now. Despite politicians, we should stay united and not fall into their devious schemes. Some suggestions for new names to these groups is better.

  2. Sir. Our Hartley Congratulations to Mr . Bassappa chikkladdini as Myaor of CCB Belagavi. We are very excited and looking forward Best Myaor. BEST wishes for your post. Thanks.


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