Basement game: Mayor in a fix

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Mayor Prashanta Budavi and officials of Belgaum City Corporation were at the receiving end with the Opposition benches questioning their double standards on illegal encroachments and open violations of the corporation rules on utilising basement-spaces. Taken aback at this, Ms. Budavi looked towards Sambhaji Patil for answers, when the Council sat for post-lunch session here on Monday.

Opposition member Netaji Jadhav alleged that the corporation recently removed illegal encroachment of basement meant for vehicle parking from a huge building housing a retail superstore on Khanapur Road in the city (i.e.Talwalkars in the basement of Big Bazaar) . However, in sharp contrast to this welcome measure and rules, the Mayor inaugurated a ‘Mangal Karyalaya’ in the basement of a different structure at Khadebazar.

However, after a more than hour of debate, the mayor announced to convene a meeting exclusively to discuss the issue and evolve a comprehensive policy soon.
Corporation Commissioner P.A. Meghannvar rejected the Opposition’s demand to reopen the gymnasium (Talwalkars), which was closed down as it was running in the basement. He said it was not possible for him to reopen the gymnasium once locked until there was a fresh order from the Government. In contrast to its own demand, the Opposition said that no outlet already running in basements should be closed, even if they were illegal.

Now look at this, the mayor on one hand locks the basement and in another context, she herself opens a Mangal Karlaya in a Basement. Now this is Policy! The mayor is in a fix now she cannot open the Gym and she now will be forced to make a new policy.
To begin with, we must all understand the crux of the problem. See Maruti Galli where you will find the highest number of complexes and all or a few have parking all others have shops established in them. This causes a lot of parking problem on the street. If the parking space were there in the basement for each complex, the situation would have been different. We need to think and also the policy makers, need to rethink before they act.
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