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Be happy Rakaskop reservoir is overflowing

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Good news is here, the drinking water problems of the citizens are over for now as the main source of water for the city, Rakaskop reservoir is overflowing since yesterday afternoon.
Lat year it was overflowed on July 18 but this time it has more time but the recent heavy rains have filled the Rakaskop reservoir and now one can take a sigh of releif atleast April.

4 thoughts on “Be happy Rakaskop reservoir is overflowing”

  1. It’s good news that Rakaskop is overflowing but we should respect importance of water. I have heard old people saying that “Rakaskop fills if it pours a mug and empties when a bowl is taken from it”.
    We definitely need some rain water harvesting projects in Belgaum.

  2. In the previuos blog ,the photo of Rakaskop was shown giving details when it was empty. Now I request you to post the picture on the Blog when full.


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