Beggars cannot be choosers:LKG admissions


I had blogged about LKG admission earlier Admission time: Is raat ki Subh Kabhi & my ending lines were “Hope all their dreams of getting admissions are fulfilled
Mine was not fulfilled as in all the FOUR schools I had applied; I did not find my daughters name in the list of selected candidates.

I have seen this admission process since the beginning, from getting the forms to submitting them and then that waiting time for the result. I failed, my second failure in life (my first was in 3rd Std. in Maths).


In the earlier post, I had mentioned about area wise selection of students but I guess this norm was not 100% utilized. In DP student in Hindwadi did not get admission where as one living in Mahadwar Road got.

There are some points I would like to the young parents who will have to go through this next year.

1. Apply in all schools, if you are looking for English medium, then all English medium schools, when I mean all, I mean ALL. St.Pauls, Xaviers, Marys, Herwadkar, Mahila Vidyalaya etc.
2. When you apply start finding some influence or a person who could recommend your child’s name to the managing committee even before you submit the form.
3. When the lists are out and you don’t find your name in the list try hard again and again for some more influence and of course be prepared to shell out more bucks.
4. Even after all this you don’t find your luck, search for some other school.
5. Even if you are there in the list the donations could hold you back, so be prepared to spend a lot, when I mean lot, I mean LOTS n lots on money.

Some donations paid are at a all time high just like inflation some schools, I have heard people paid 50 thousand and above that, these are a selected lot of 25-30 people others will be less as still the list is to be declared. In schools wherein you name is not there in the list you can pay a minimum 30 thousand or more and influence of course to get the child admitted. This time the English medium schools had greater demand as the vernacular schools (predominantly non–Kanada) were banned by the Karnatak government for not teaching in Kannada. Many schools had taken permission saying they would teach Kannada but switched to teaching in English. Having received this ban, these schools appealed to the court but unfortunately the court refrained them from teaching in any other language other than the one they applied for.
In these schools a flat rate of 10 thousand prevailed till yesterday which might go up with time. I believe, as you don’t have long queues and you take the form fill it pay money and your child is admitted; to face the competitive world. It is said the world is very competitive, hey friends the world is competitive from the day the child is born.

After all deliberations I have settled for an ICSE applied school by paying a part amount of the donation. I am trying the other tricks I told you above to see if I can put my daughter through those so-called very good schools. If nothing happens I am happy with the school I applied for, after all ‘Beggars cannot be choosers’.



  1. s what u said is true, even i had seen same , before the list is displaced on notice board in st marry , those people had paid money to agent had got letter at there house 2 days before only that there candidate is selected. it clearly shows it all is about money.

  2. If one gets admission in St. Paul’s , St. Joseph’s or DP …. parents are relieved
    for 12 years….Brand in Education has become so much important…
    These schools are State Board Schools but much ahead of the rest of
    the schools in city…
    But how can they accommodate each and every one ?

  3. I had my child got admitted to St. Pauls this year. I do not think the school asks for donations. Guys better be carefull of the agents who are asking for donation, because as per my knowledge the school does not ask for any donation.

  4. I dont see the name of "St. Pauls" in the list of schools asking for donations..why are the readers of this article trying to single out St. Pauls? The one writing the article has a daughter, and St, Pauls is a boy's school. Bit confused with whats going on here!

    Ex-paulite, Dubai

  5. nice piece of advise brother ! I shall keep your points in mind while trying admission ..before reading your article , i had a clean impression about Christ schools but that has changed now .. You have helped me to be a realist ..Thanks mate

  6. I studied in the shabbiest school which is Oriental School and I am in Scotland, UK working as a IT engineer. No matter which school you send your kid, it all depends on his interest in studies. So please stop sending your kids to so called best schools.

  7. yes indeed, its a tough job to 0get our children admitted at these schools. We are totally blank about the admission procedure. We really dont know on what basis the children at selected. The school principa who are the so called fathers and nuns, shouldn't be that corrupt, they are not providing education, but are doing business.

  8. I believe schools need “Money” to run the show. But its really unfair that donations and influence decide on a child’s career. I would call this an utter failure of the so called politicians of Belgaum to provide standard schools which are the elementary requirement of a society to produce great people.
    I am a proud ex-Paulite. I spent 12 years in that school. For fifteen years after passing out made me feel good about myself for have studied there. Today, after reading all this, I dont feel I want to boast about myself of having studied there.
    I will pray for the little ones and the parents.

  9. I feel ashamed of my St. Pauls. Its gone to dogs & is like a Money making institution.

    I have a great feeling that St. Joseph will join the list soon.

    “God bless us all”

  10. i remember the days when we were selected on the basis of merit and talent …. i remember my father telling me how i performed and how much he had struggled for my admission …. i had joined St. Paul’s and Father Agnelo Pinto was the principle … that was St. Paul’s to me … he was fair to one and all … poor or rich … then there was this time for Father Jacob Carvalo .. who was as fair as Father Pinto …. now i feel heart breaking when i hear about these donations … 20 thousand 30 thousand .. 50 thousand … is this a business to these people now …

    • Hi,

      Agree with you on the merit part, but during our times (early 80s) the number of students opting for English medium were much lesser than today. Parents today want the kids to be educated in English medium schools. It is a clear case of Supply-Demand gap. With kids getting smarter each day, there is little differentiation between two 4 year old kids. So merit would be a tough criteria. First come first serve would be the best solution (with no back door entries and “Management quota”).
      A good business case to start a “state-of-the-art” school in Belgaum. Any investors? 🙂

      All the best to the parents!

  11. very good advice indeed. these days nothing works if u try the straight way. I’ll keep your points in mind when its time for “P”‘s admissions.


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