Belagavi Airport demands 37.40 acres more land for overall development

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In a meeting held at the Deputy Commissioner’s office, the authorities discussed the need raised by the AAI for 37.40 acres of land for the overall development of Sambra(Belagavi) airport.

A complete review was sought by DC Ziaullah, where 370 acres of land was allocated for the Airport out of which land on the west side of the airport has not yet been handed over to AAI.

The Airforce has 14 acres of land for its services and amenities. As there is a lack of land for the over the development of the airport, the AAI has demanded that it be allocated another 37.40 acres of land.
Also some land has been alloted to cemetery and road for the villagers, said Director Belagavi Airport Rajeshkumar Maurya.


ZP CEO Ramachandran said that the tax exemption period for payment of property tax has expired and hence AAI should pay up the requisite taxes to the Panchayat. The AAI will have to pay the taxes from February 2017 onwards.

Water Supply Board Executive Engineer said that the AAI has to pay the interest of the pending water after the exemption period was over and that amounts to 9.87 Lakhs, he mentioned.

5 thoughts on “Belagavi Airport demands 37.40 acres more land for overall development”

  1. First see the roads and think about how many flights are there it is very sad to trouble Sambra people all is benefits of politicians stop it think about people how much money you people want curbing poor farmers

  2. Why??? i mean why is there any flights coming in ??
    all the flight moved to Hubly. there is no flight. Great Hats off

  3. All the flights from Belgaum have been withdrawn . At presant only the Allaiance Air has been operating (Which is only an Eyewash). PM Narendra Modi has promised thet Belgaum will be included in UDAN,God knows when? AAI had conducted inspections at Belgaum Airport and now they want 37.40 acres of land.The revival of Belgaum Airport is still in the dark . It is also not known what AAi is upto. 🙂 :-).


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