Belagavi and Goa Chamber of commerce come together to facilitate trade

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The Belgaum Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Belagavi conducted an Interaction meeting with Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industries at Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industries Hall, Panjim, Goa to discuss the Business Development of Belagavi and Goa Trade & Industries.

We from Belgaum Chamber of Commerce and Industries President Shri Rohan Juvali along with 11 managing committee members went to Goa to discuss and to know about the Goa Government’s Business Policies, Business Developments & difficulties faced during the Trades, etc by the Belagavi & Goa Traders, Citizens and Industrialists.

The discussions went as follows about B2B Growth between Goa & Belagavi :

While discussing the President of Goa Chamber of Commerce & Industry Mr.Ralph De’sousa expressed that Goa Government is providing Subsidies for Solar Energy, also In Goa there is a Huge Fiber optical Manufacturing hub & requested to utilize the source in the projects of Karnataka. Goa is also having huge logistics in terms of Ports which are used for import & exports of this region. The meeting saw a detailed discussion on inquiries and capacities of Goa regarding Logistics, Agriculture, Food Processing, Hydraulics, electric Parts, Industrial Paints, Automobile Parts, Packaging industries etc.

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While Speaking The Belgaum Chamber of Commerce and Industries President Shri Rohan Juvali expressed that being one of the oldest cities of this region, Belagavi can boast the following

  1. Belagavi is connected to neighboring states of Goa & Maharashtra.
  2. Army and Air Force have strategic establishments and consider Belagavi as their training hub;
  3. GOI has declared Belagavi in Smart City in the 1st round under the Smart City Mission;
  4. Declared 2nd Capital of the State by GOK
  5. 2nd largest manufacturing hub in Karnataka after Bangalore with engineering excellence in auto components, hydraulics and allied products
  6. 2nd largest mobilizer of foreign exchange in Karnataka after Bangalore due to direct exports by the manufacturing units
  7. Possesses the 1st and only designated aerospace special economic zone (SEZ) in the country, developed and operated by Aequs
  8. Hindalco operates an Aluminum extrusion unit
  9. Considered as the sugar bowl of this region with the highest sugar manufacturing units in terms of capacity
  10. Oldest textile production hubs in the region
  11. Education Hub in the region with disciplines spread across medical, engineering, commerce, pharmacy etc.
  12. Regional leader in healthcare coupled with matured medical tourism industry;
  13. Largest district in the State in terms of geography, Belagavi is having Customers / Tourist from Goa region for Trade & Industries.


The Belgaum Chamber of Commerce and Industries and Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industries has decided to make a joint representation to the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highway Shri Nitin Gadkari asking for Belagavi to Goa highway to be reopened. The two Chambers will also stress the need for a four-lane highway (NH4A) along the Anmod Ghat route. The Anmod Ghat has been in a dilapidated condition for more than a year, the closure of Anmod Ghat has hampered the movement of Goods while also creating inconvenience for Goa Tourists and Belagavi Traders.

President Shri Rohan Juvali said as the Major Export of Belagavi is made from JNPT, Mumbai though it is more than 500 Kms away from Belagavi and if the road connectivity of Belagavi to Goa gets improved then it will boost exports from Goa Ports since it is just 100 kms from Belagavi and if Goa can introduce the new scheme and good facility for the Exporters then Belagavi & Huballi Exporters will get benefited.

* Also discussed that representation given to Shri Nitin Gadkari ji will be recommended not to make tender for cutting of trees for the widening of roads, instead will be given suggestion to shift the trees to other places by the latest available machinery.

The proposed up-gradation of the existing road of NH4A into 4 lanes can harmonize with the surrounding environment with the following direct and indirect benefits.

  1. The increased road capacity and improved pavements can reduce the travel time and traffic jams. Based on the vehicle population for the year 2033, the saving of the fuel consumption per year estimated to be 46604.4 KL, which may have a direct savings of Rs 272.9 crores per year.
  2. Due to road widening the noise levels can be reduced to 4-5 dB(A) & air pollutants will also be reduced considerably. Ultimately, this shows positive impact on human health.
  3. There will be improvements in the economic growth in the surrounding places due to establishment of more industries, institutions, MNCs and other organizations.
  4. As you are aware of the Industries in Belgaum the present export from the Industries is more than 1000 Crores per annum & it is expected that the proposed widening of the road & infrastructure will increase the export to the tune of 100%.
  5. There are 200 nos RWHs (Rain Water Harvesting Pits) are proposed either side of the road at an interval of 500m. The proposed RWHs are having dia. of 1.5 m with a depth of 3.8 m.

Also Shri Rohan Juvali said that representation has to be made to Shri Nitin Gadkari ji for widening to 6 Lane of Belagavi to Sawantwadi road for better connectivity for more business growth of this region.

Horticulture Business from Belgavi to Goa :

The meeting has also seen detailed discussion on Trade enquires (Vegetables which are supplying from Belagavi APMC market), Textiles, etc. GCCI has requested to produce organic quality vegetables & pesticide-free Vegetables in Belagavi along with proper Quality checks of Vegetables at APMC which can be used for Supply to goa, from which Belagavi farmers will get good amount of Business growth & Price benefits.

The Belgaum Chamber of Commerce and Industries President Shri Rohan Juvali said that The Belgaum farmers are producing good quality vegetables and from APMC we will make awareness about the export quality of Trades, which will be benefited our Belagavi farmers.

For this meeting following members were present

  1. Shri Rohan Juvali – President BCCI
  2. Shri Ralph De Sousa – President GCCI
  3. Shri Hemendra Porwal –Sr Vice President BCCI
  4. Shri Prabhakar Nagarmunoli – Hon. Secretary , BCCI
  5. Shri Swapnil Shah – Hon. Jt Secretary, BCCI
  6. Shri Sanjeev Kattishetti – Treasurer, BCCI
  7. Shri Chandrakant Gawas – Treasurer, GCCI
  8. Shri Sandeep Phaldesai, Managing Director of Goa State Horticulture Corporation.
  9. Shri Vinit Bichu, Goa
  10. Shri Jerome Clement, Sr.Traffic Manager, Mormugoa Port Trust, Goa
  11. Shri Satyajit Bhattacharjee, JET freight, Goa
  12. Shri Santosh Parab, DHL Global Forwarding, Goa
  13. Shri Anand Desai – Industrial Committee Chairman, BCCI
  14. Shri Rohit Kapadia, Taxation Committee Chairman, BCCI
  15. Shri Manojkumar Mattikop – APMC Committee Chairman, BCCI
  16. Shri Keith Machado – Managing Committee Member, BCCI
  17. Shri C C Hondadkatti – Managing Committee Member, BCCI
  18. Shri Vikram Jain – Committee member, BCCI
  19. Shri Sanjay Amonkar, Director GCCI
  20. Shri Uday Joshi, Managing Committee Member, BCCI

And all Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industries Committee Members and Trade and Industry Members were present.

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