Belagavi Bagalkot State highway has too many speed breakers

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The Belagavi-Bagalkot highway has often been ridiculed for being one of the worst commutes, the most common gripe of motorists being the massive number of speed breakers.  speed breakers
Every 2 kms or 5 kms there is a speed breaker and each speed breaker has a different height which makes it very difficult to drive especially in the night.

5 thoughts on “Belagavi Bagalkot State highway has too many speed breakers”

  1. I have traveled on this road many a times and they have actually reduced half the no. of speed breakers that are present now as compared to it when it was first made and still we find plenty of speed breakers on this road. God save us.

  2. It is insane, some of them are huge, eg at Marihal, it is illegal, govt is sleeping, by the way karnataka has highest number of speed breakers, Go to Raichur from here to find out

  3. Good that you noticed and published! It’s a nightmare.

    This is prevalent further till Raichur in Karnataka limits, if one travels to Hyderabad. The same is case till Gulbarga.

    God save the motorists who often end up in mishaps as there are no warning signs at almost all places.

    Hope this is covered in other media and concerned authorities act. There must be guidelines for laying of such speed beakers. Every house on the road had such speed beakers put up for their safety.

  4. It is better to build safety wall or fencing like chitradurga tumkur section of NH 4 instead of putting speed breakers

  5. This KSHIP road, though good, has speed breakers even at avoidable points, some of them are unscientific and defeats the objective of better roads for transport. In fact, these speed breakers have become nuisance value in some places as they seem to have been laid as per the whims and fancies of the men at the helm of affairs.


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