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Belagavi Chamber to create Platform to help small traders buy in Bulk and compete with Big companies

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India, today has become the next big destination for retail business. Consumers in small cities want to splurge on food, shopping and entertainment like their counterparts in the metros. The non-metros are not made up of poorer cousins of the people living in the metros.

Market research has shown immense opportunities in tier-II cities and this is the reason we have outlets like Reliance, More, Big Bazaar etc.

But the local small trader is not able to match the pricing offered as he doesn’t buy in bulk and hence does not get that leverage.

Looking at depth on this issue the president of the chamber, Rohan Juvali has come with an idea to make a platform/firm which will help the local small traders come together and buy in bulk.

The traders will have to form a group before approaching the chamber, that will act as a transit for purchases. The chamber can either find out the best source for making purchases, or traders can suggest it to them.

Once the price is decided upon the traders can directly pay the firm (platform of BCCI) which in turn will pay the seller.


The chamber will not charge any commission for trade but will just act as a facilitator for trade which will be more competitive said Rohan Juvali.

The plan is still in its nascent stage and discussions with various traders are going on and the feedback has been positive. If the traders come forward definitely the Chamber will come forward and help them, added Juvali.

The main idea here is to give the local trader be it a grocery retailer, fruits or vegetables, or hardware, bulk buying does give an edge in getting a good bargain and that’s what we aim to leverage here so that local traders can also sell at par with the Retail chain stores, Juvali said.

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