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Belagavi city corporation gets Award

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The urban development ministry awarded the Belagavi city  corporation for collecting record break property tax by adapting new system to make reassessment of the properties in its limits.

The city corporation had collected highest revenue more than target from property tax by making reassessment of properties last year.

bcc-awardThe urban development ministry appreciated this reassessment work and announced an award for new registering new system in municipal administration. 

The corporation had collected Rs 32 crore revenue from property tax last year. There was big difference and misappropriation found in property tax payment of Hindalco company. It was came to lime light when BCC officials reassessed the property said BCC commissioner Shashidhar Kurer. 

Following this, officials had reassessed all properties in its limits due to which there will be increase in the revenue of corporation.

0 thoughts on “Belagavi city corporation gets Award”

  1. Good to see the highest collection, now we need to check how this fund will be utilized, please construct public toilets every 500 mtrs to in city range and hand over them to unemployed poverty line people. This itself will keep more then half of the city clean.

  2. Corporations are known and awarded for collecting tax.
    Similarly they should even be punished for delay of projects, quality of work and corruption.
    They should be made accountable for time and tax payers money.

  3. Good to see they collected highest property tax but big question is about development works and utilization of fund and corruption. We people really concern about smart city development. we have huge fund for development but once again question is how they can utilize it. Central Govt. should take all responsible for development of smart city work


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