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Belagavi DCP Jagdeesh’s Twitter Engagement is Hyperactive

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By uday

On September 6, Rohan Jagadeesh, IPS (KN- 2019), assumed the role of Deputy Commissioner of Police, (Law & Order) in Belagavi City. Since then, his X(Twitter) account has been exceptionally active, promptly addressing concerns raised by citizens.

Previously, the account had been relatively inactive for several months. However, with the arrival of Rohan Jagadeesh, IPS, the new DCP of Law & Order in Belagavi City, the @DCP_LO_Belagavi Twitter account has experienced a resurgence. It now provides regular updates on its activities, going beyond the routine updates on liquor-related incidents and apprehension of theft suspects.

Under the leadership of Rohan Jagadeesh, IPS, the DCP Twitter handle has become a valuable platform for citizens to voice their concerns and receive prompt responses. The account’s increased activity demonstrates a commitment to transparency and effective communication between law enforcement and the community.

Rohan Jagadeesh, IPS DCP

By actively engaging with citizens and addressing their issues, the DCP Twitter handle has become an essential tool in fostering a safer and more secure environment in Belagavi City.

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During their night shift, Police officers and staff diligently examined the fingerprints of 388 individuals using the MCCTNS fingerprint scanner. Their primary goal was to identify any potential criminal history among suspicious individuals loitering in the area, all in an effort to uphold public health, law, and order. It is important to note that the investigation is currently ongoing.

Shahapur Police Station in Belagavi has located the owners of 20 two-wheelers whose heirs were previously untraceable. After meticulously verifying the documents pertaining to these vehicles, they have promptly delivered them to their rightful heirs. Meanwhile, Cops are actively working on resolving the situation for the remaining vehicles whose heirs are yet to be identified.

The best part the complaints are being read and addressed like this one

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