Belagavi District Bifurcation: Proposal to Establish Gokak and Chikkodi as New Districts

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The longstanding demand for the division of Belagavi, the largest district in terms of geographical expanse in the state, appears to be gaining momentum. It is anticipated that the district may soon be split into three separate entities, addressing the aspirations voiced by various local leaders and organizations over the past three decades.

Sources indicate that Chief Minister Siddaramaiah will likely announce the formation of Chikkodi and Gokak as new districts during the upcoming budget presentation on 16 Feb. The state government has instructed the district administration to furnish comprehensive details about this proposal before the budget session.

Numerous organizations and associations have persistently advocated for establishing Chikkodi and Gokak taluks as independent districts to streamline administrative operations. Additionally, there have been appeals from leaders representing Bailhongal and Athani for similar recognition.


Advocates of the division argue that splitting Belagavi into three districts would enhance administrative efficiency. They assert that Chikkodi and Gokak possess the requisite infrastructure and manpower to serve as district headquarters. Furthermore, leaders across party lines, including those from Congress, BJP, and JDS in Chikkodi and Gokak, advocate for elevating these taluks to district status.

2 thoughts on “Belagavi District Bifurcation: Proposal to Establish Gokak and Chikkodi as New Districts”

  1. Bailhongal also deserve to be district because of all office’s available here and wide range of plane land . Gokak doesn’t deserve as district because of shortage off land and it’s climate

  2. There are many bigger districts in India than Belagavi in terms of both, geographical area and population, why haven’t they been spilted yet to ease adminstration? Why not Belagavi? Something doesn’t seem right and I don’t think Chikkodi and Gokak deserve to be new districts. They have semi-arid climate too.


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