Belagavi District has 101 Containment zones – 15 are Active Zones

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Whenever a COVID positive patient is identified the area of residence/office is sealed and a Containment zone is announced so as to contain the spread of the virus.

As per the data on, Belagavi district has 101 Containment zones – 15 are Active Zones and 86 have been denotified.

As per the maps on the website, the Containment zone along with a buffer zone is of 200 mtrs.

The First Containment zone was Hire Bagewadi.



However, in the current list of 15 active zones some zones have not been named.

Zones 96-101 have not been updated as yet

95- Singargoppa – Savadatti

94- Vantmuri Colony Belagavi

93 – Bailhongal

92 – Fule Galli, Vadgaon

91 – Lokur

90 – Kagdal

89- Kablhavi Kittur

88 –

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