Belagavi is ignored always: be it any party

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Only building the Suvarna Soudha at Belagavi is not development, but the Govt must get big industries to Belagavi, said MLA Belagavi South Abhay Patil.

This recent statement from the MLA of a sitting government says it all to some extent.

Karnataka will build six new “high-tech” cities and a dedicated “startup park”, Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said during his inaugural speech at the 25th edition of the Bengaluru Tech Summit. The six “high-tech” cities will be built near Kalaburagi, Mysuru, Mangaluru, Hubballi-Dharwad and Bengaluru regions.
Each and every time Belagavi is ignored by the Govt in power, may it be BJP, congress, or any other.

The fourth-largest city, Belagavi, is the second-largest exporter of the state with a total GDP of INR 159.65 billion. The district devotes 48% of its land to the cultivation of which pulses and cereals are the most important crops. Belagavi is also known for its fruits and vegetable cultivation, including staples like onion, tomato, and potato. The district is home to India’s first notified Aerospace Precision Engineering and Manufacturing SEZ center. Belagavi is the emerging hub for storage/cold storage infrastructure augmenting the agriculture sector and allied industries here.

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Cluster-wise details of registered startups in DPIIT, Startup India as on 5 May 2022: Belagavi: 310 startups Hubli-Dharwad: 233 startups Bengaluru Rural & Bengaluru Urban: 16652 startups Mysuru: 543 startups Mangaluru: 186 startups

For all Belagavi is a symbol of Kannada pride but when it comes to the allocation of funds or getting industries Belagavi is always ignored.

See this recent statement by CM Bommai in which 6 cities are planned but Belagavi is missing. Why?

Does it not have the potential?

Does it not have Human resources?

But who cares! As a Govt, it must at least announce if not implement it, but by such announcements, the intention of the ruling parties is very clear.

They want to keep Belagavi as a symbol of Kannada Pride alone.

At the same time, the elected representatives also lacked in earlier years and even now to put forth the pressure to get something to Belagavi.

Getting funds for gutters and making roads, is useless, anyways it will come if not 100 crores, 10 crores will.

Why is it that Belagavi is ignored and no one raises a voice? Elections are nearing so a few of the ruling party MLAs might also join the group in criticizing the govt policy as the opening statement of this article.

On many occasions the policymakers only ignore Belagavi.
Kalaburagi region means Kalaburagi

Bengaluru region means Bengaluru

Mysuru region means Mysuru

Belagavi region means Hubballi

Why? Most of the reasons we heard are ‘Belagavi is at the border’ and not easily accessible.

But are Bengaluru, Mysuru, and Kalaburagi in the Centre?

Be it AIIMS, IIT, or anything Belagavi is never the first choice at all.

We never get new buses, but the old ones come to us, Why?

Belagavi has become a picnic spot where in December they manage to come to Belagavi for the winter session where attendance is very less and hardly anything about Belagavi is even discussed in detail. We guessed the SVS was built here so that the problems of this region will get bigger ears and it will develop.

It is not about blaming any political party all have done the same over the years.

Belagavi has grown with the dedication and hard work of the real common man, who for the love of the city has sacrificed, and seen that Belagavi is on the global map be it IT, Foundry, Agri produce.

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