Belagavi is now Hotspot for COVID -19 over 1700 cases

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Karnataka on Friday witnessed the highest ever single-day spike in novel coronavirus cases after 7,908 while Belagavi district saw 334 cases out of which 80 are from Belagavi Taluka and 120 odd from Belagavi city limits.

Since July the number of Positive cases in the City has been on the upward trend. With daily new cases of around 20-30 that number has now risen to 100+ each day, yes each day 100+ new cases are reported within the city limits.

As per the sources currently, we have around 1700 active cases in Belagavi city, so this number is in the past 10 days as normally one is discharged after 10 days as per the discharge SOP in place.

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The count of the Containment zone is now out of bounds and only the residence/flat/ apartment is sealed as a containment zone.

With the rising number, the health department is also opting to give the option of Home Care if feasible to the patients which will not put pressure on the health infrastructure and serious patients can get beds.

Getting beds is still a nightmare and getting a bed in a private hospital is becoming very difficult. The Administration hasn’t officially released any data on which hospitals are treating COVID and the number of beds available.

Each of the private hospitals except for KLE which has around 200 capacity all others have very less from 10-40 beds.

The first case reported in Belagavi was on April 3 from Camp which was followed with Aman Nagar, Azad Galli, Asma colony, Sadashiv Nagar and then on in almost all the parts of city.

Mainly within the city Vadgaon has become a big hotspot followed by Subhash Nagar, Shahpur, ANJENAYA NAGAR, Ramteerth Nagar, Ujwal Nagar, Hindlga, KHASABAGH along with ITBP centre and ATS Sambra.

Since July the contact tracing has been stopped when community transmission began. Now only the primary contacts if they have symptoms are checked.

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  1. Please take it as a suggestion.In kerala and Delhi most of them are taking homoeopathic medicines as a preventive.They could control raise of positive cases.

  2. Dear citizens of Belgaum,
    This pandemic is going to maintain for some more few months, do protect self and your family , treatment is going in best of best possible ways in city of Belgaum , remember this slogan

    Everyone is safe
    As long as each one safe

    Each one is unsafe
    As long as everyone is unsafe

    Visit best hospitals in city .donot neglect your health
    Dr srinivas B


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