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Belagavi loses air connectivity to 2 cities as TruJet suspends operations

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Regional airline TruJet has suspended all flight operations. The airline has been a forefront player in the government’s regional connectivity scheme of UDAN.

Turbo Megha (TruJet) had the following routes under UDAN:

Belagavi to Kadappa

Belagavi to Mysuru

Belagavi to Hyderabad

Belagavi to Tirupati

Now with the company suspending operations, Belagavi has lost connections to Kadappa and Mysuru.

StarAir has a flight to Tirupati and Hyderabad is connected by Spicejet and Indigo.

So we have lost two connections and are currently connected to 15 cities.

The Company did not list its operations for the Summer schedule released today. Also, no other new routes have been announced in the Summer Schedule for IXG.


“The operations are temporarily hampered because of various administrative and technical reasons and rest be assured that TruJet will resume its operations at short notice,” the airline said in a statement.

The airline has been facing a financial crisis since 2020 and was also in discussions with Interups fund from the US for a potential investment in 2021.

1. Belagavi – Bengaluru
2. Belagavi – Delhi

3. Belagavi – Mumbai (2)

4. Belagavi – Hyderabad (2)

5. Belagavi – Ahmedabad

6. Belagavi – Surat

7. Belagavi – Pune

8. Belagavi – Nagpur (April 16)

9. Belagavi – Jodhpur

10. Belagavi – Nashik

11. Belagavi – Indore

12. Belagavi – Tirupati

Connecting – One Stop

1. Belagavi – Kalaburagi (via Tirupati)

2. Belagavi – Kishangarh (via Surat)

3. Belagavi – Nashik (via Pune)

Udan Routes

1. Belagavi to Hyderabad – InterGlobe (Indigo), SpiceJet, Turbo Megha (TruJet)

2. Belagavi to Mumbai – SpiceJet, Ghodawat (Star Air)

3. Belagavi to Pune – Alliance Air

4. Belagavi to Surat – Ghodawat (Star Air)

5. Belagavi to Kadappa – Turbo Megha (TruJet) – Trujet operations suspended

6. Belagavi to Mysuru – Turbo Megha (TruJet) – Trujet operations suspended

7. Belagavi to Indore – Ghodawat (Star Air)

8. Belagavi to Jodhpur – Ghodawat (Star Air)

9. Belagavi to Ahmedabad – Ghodawat (Star Air)

10. Belagavi to Ozar (Nasik) – Ghodawat (Star Air)

11. Belagavi to Tirupati – Ghodawat (Star Air), Turbo Megha (TruJet)

12. Belagavi to Nagpur – Ghodawat (Star Air) – Announced April 16, 2022

13. Belagavi to Jaipur – Ghodawat (Star Air) – Not Yet

* Currently all Trujet operations remain suspended

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  1. Belagavi loses nothing. Rather its citizens will save a lot of money that used to get spent on last minute booking of other carriers due to Trujet’s frequent cancellation of flights. It’s a blessing that Trujet has suspended operations.


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