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Belagavi mein Auto ka Meter Down karo – DC Nitesh Patil

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Deputy Commissioner of Belagavi Nitesh Patil speaking at the Regional Transport Authority meet said that All Auto Rikshaws in Belagavi have to have Meters installed and the rental rate for the same will be revised and the appropriate rate will be fixed soon.

Autorickshaw drivers must follow traffic rules and all Autorickshaws must be fitted with meters as per the law. DC Nitesh Patil further said that only after installing the meter is not enough, the fares have to be charged as per the prescribed rates.

He was speaking while presiding over the meeting of Regional Transport Authority meeting held on Wednesday (September 28).

The current minimum fare for autorickshaws is Rs 25 per 1.5 km. But some autorickshaws are extorting the public by charging exorbitant rates. He warned that such autorickshaws will be seized and appropriate action will be taken.

Police checking the Auto Meters at Belagavi
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A lot of complaints are coming from the public every day. Autorickshaw drivers are charging 150 to 200 rupees for just 1.5 km. He said that all autorickshaws should install meters immediately.

People who travel at night are tired of asking about autorickshaw fares. He gave strict instructions that if extortion of this kind is found, the auto will be seized and the driving license of the driver will be canceled.

DC Nitesh Patil said that the revised rate will be fixed only if the office bearers of the autorickshaw associations give definite information about the installation of meters.

Traffic and Crime Division DCP Sneha PV, Road Transport Officer S. B Magadum, Officials and members of the Auto Rickshaw Association were present at the meeting.

2 thoughts on “Belagavi mein Auto ka Meter Down karo – DC Nitesh Patil”

  1. RTO officers are only interested in fining the bikers not wearing helmets whereas the autos carring more people than the capacity right infront them and that’s too at higher fares. Checking should be done regularly and not just for one or two days.

  2. Earlier also this action of installing meters was initiated. But due to interference from vested interest, the efforts weren’t successful.

    To be successful in this mission, the passenger should be allowed to complain the auto number to RTO and RTO should inform action taken report to the passenger with reimbursement of excess amount charged by that auto driver.


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