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Belagavi not smart enough, says govt study

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Many of the top 20 cities that got selected last January under the government’s ambitious smart city project lag in basic infrastructure, governance and socio-economic indicators, a government study has found.

These cities competed with 98 other “potential” smart cities and got selected based on the score they got for carrying out urban reforms in areas including sanitation, good governance and financial sustainability of the proposals they submitted.

belagavi smart city logo 1According to the analysis by the National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA) many cities have a small percentage share of households with basic civic amenities. Drainage connectivity was low in Belagavi

Based on the analysis, the 20 cities were ranked on the levels of development and access to basic amenities. New Delhi Municipal Council was ranked first followed by Pune and Chennai.

Belagavi was ranked the lowest.


Source: HT, NIUA

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  1. A golden opportunity is being wasted to improve infrastructures in the city. Lacks will for action. Wake up and act now.


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