Belagavi ranks 248 position in Swachh Survekshan 2017

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Swachch Bharat Survey 2017 was carried out by Quality Council of India, which deployed 421 assessors for on the spot assessment of 17,500 locations in 434 cities and towns.

Belagavi is ranked at 248th position amongst the 434 towns surveyed.

Belagavi scored 892 points while Indore the Cleanest city has 1808 points.

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Cities are the engines of growth and urban India contribute to about 70% of country’s GDP. For cities to continue their contribution and provide quality of life to citizens, urban cleanliness is of central importance.

In order to foster a healthy competition between cities for improving cleanliness standards, the Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD) started the “Swachh Survekshan” survey, ranking of cities on cleanliness and other aspects of urban sanitation, in 2016 which ranked 73 cities across the country. On the same lines, MoUD has initiated “Swachh Survekshan” 2017 which will conduct a survey to rank 500 cities of India.

The performance evaluation of the Swachh survekshan is conducted by Quality Council of India (QCI), an autonomous body established by Government of India in 1997 for Quality assurance in all spheres of activities including Governance.



0 thoughts on “Belagavi ranks 248 position in Swachh Survekshan 2017”

  1. Hope to make a better ranking some day. People should take a note of it. And do their bit to maintain cleanliness

  2. Have travelled in India quite a bit. Surprised by Belgaum’s low ranking. It should certainly be in top 100 or even lower. Need to see other cities ranking above Belgaum.

  3. I totally agree with Mr Santosh. Each one of us need to become more responsible towards keeping our Belagavi clean in all respects. Please do not hesitate in pointing out to those who litter the roads or spit on the roads.

  4. Gone through the list. Not sure the criteria and survey formula. Have been to some of the cities above Belgaum and hard to believe they are better than Belgaum. Anyway, cleanliness is an ongoing process and Belgaum has it to be a topper in future.

  5. ban gutaka, pan masala first……its responsibilty of every citizen and all corporater u should take ur ward seriously

  6. We blame everything on City Municipal Corporation regarding the cleanliness, but is it not the duty of every citizen to keep his surroundings clean and educate those people who think it is the duty of Corporation to maintain the Hygiene in the city.


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