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Belagavi Urban Development Authority decides to expand by including 28 villages

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The Belagavi Urban Development Authority (BUDA) made a significant decision on Tuesday to expand the city’s boundaries by incorporating 28 villages. In a meeting attended by Ministers, legislators, and officials, it was also agreed upon to create a master plan using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology for the expanded city. This new urban agglomeration will encompass various villages and towns within the Local Planning Area.

Satish Jarkiholi, the Public Works Minister and district in-charge, announced that work on these two initiatives will commence shortly. BUDA officers will collaborate with senior officials from the State government and experts in fields such as GIS mapping, urban planning, watershed and drainage management, transport, and waste disposal.

BUDA Commissioner Shakeel Ahmed highlighted that the current master plan has expired, and therefore, the old plan will be extended until the revised plan is implemented.

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During a meeting with district administration officials, BUDA, and the city corporation, the Minister emphasized the strict enforcement of regulations mandating the creation of roads, drains, gardens, and other civic amenities in all residential layouts within the city and its surrounding areas.

Lakshmi Hebbalkar, the Minister for Woman and Child Development, urged officials to construct a stadium capable of accommodating one lakh people. She stressed the importance of identifying sufficient land for this purpose. Furthermore, she emphasized the need for thorough inspections before approving new residential layouts and ensuring strict adherence to regulations.

Deputy Commissioner Nitesh Patil revealed that ₹87 crore has been allocated for the development of the new Kanabargi residential layout. Additionally, ₹9 crore is available for other development projects, in addition to the ongoing Smart City initiatives.

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  1. Nice to learn this. It should follow as a consequence that developments made by BUDA & KHB are immediately taken over by the Corporation on completion without any ado. Instances are not lacking where the Corporation refuses to acknowledge areas developed by BUDA Or KHB as a result of which residents in these areas suffer for YEARS after putting in their hard-earned money believing in the assurednesses if these “Govt.projects’. It’s also nice to learn that Kanbargi residential area will be developed but what about areas like KHB layout in Basvan Kudachi developed not less than 10 yrs ago but taken over by the Corporation only a couple of years ago. If a newspaper report is to be believed the layout developed over several acres (and obviously with crores of rupees) is scarcely occupied, lacks facilities & is still not connected to the city. I suppose it would be worthwhile to improve these areas & making them worthwhile before taking up new projects whose fortunes lie in the future & going by experience will be left high & dry after the initial expenditure and all that such expenditure carries with it…


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