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Belagavi’s Best Food Delivery App MAGIC8 Launched

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Magic8 Food Delivery App, inviting you to join!

Magic8 is the new name for the people of Belagavi, as the best food delivery app has gained tremendous popularity in a few days. The reasons vary from its real-time tracking to cost-saving offers. One of India’s finest app developing companies, named Unique Solutions (Proware), has created this fantastic application and ensures the best services one has ever grabbed. We have explored the entire functioning of the Magic8 App, and here we are going to describe what makes it different from others. 

What Makes It Unique?

Easy Login 

Like other apps, you need to register or create any specific account to operate Magic8 App. One has to enter their number and verify it through a one-time password. After that where you will be ready to order the delicious food served by the top restaurants of the city. 

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Nearest Restaurant 

With Magic8 App, one can find the nearest restaurant from their place. The app will ask you for your current location, turn it on from settings and look for the fastest delivery options. Nonetheless, hundreds of food partners have joined Magic8 App to serve people with their delicious cuisines. 


Now the essential thing, Magic8 App, is not taking a significant amount as a commission. Therefore, the customers will find the actual menu rates, so they are ordering food online. And on Magic8 App the delivery charges are less.

Real-Time Tracking 

Just after placing an order through magic8, one can keep an eye on the real-time status of their food. There are clear instructions for all the channel partners to update real-time order status so that the customer doesn’t face any trouble or latency. There are no chances of bluffing, as if any customer finds latency or any other issue, they can immediately mark a complaint. The customer expert team is here to help them. 

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Fastest Delivery 

If we compare the delivery duration, then it is quickest from other service providers. There are hundreds of delivery executives working with this excellent food delivery channel and wondering around your area. One didn’t have to wait for hours to receive their food order. 


Magic8 app is compatible with nearly 2000+ devices, including Android and iOS. It doesn’t matter that whether which smartphone or computer you are using you can enjoy the outstanding services of this fantastic food delivery app by just visiting However, it’s also easy to order without installing app.

Download Android App

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iOS users: can place orders directly from Safari by visiting


Magic8 has brought several benefits for both customers and restaurant owners, as described below. 

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For Restaurant Owners

Own Delivery Partners 

Magic8 allows restaurant owners to hire delivery executives independently, as the application didn’t interfere in salary and other charges. With this attractive option, the restaurant owners can save a lot of money by hiring the boys under their affordability. However, one can also ask those executives to deliver food ordered by other resources. 

Exciting Offers 

Magic8 offers its partners some exciting gift vouchers as per their performance and customer reviews. If the restaurant owners provide the best services and customers post positive feedback on the app, they can grab the jackpot offers given by magic8. 

For Customers:

Save Time 

Magic8 offers self-pickup options for its users, which isn’t available in other apps. This option is beneficial to save a considerable amount of time for the users. If one is in a hurry and wants to avoid the waiting period standing in a queue, they can order food before leaving home and pick it up on their way. The self-pickup option is highly beneficial in the current situation of Covid-19, as one doesn’t have to stand between crowds. 

Save Money 

As mentioned earlier, magic8 charges a nominal amount as commission, and it directly benefits the users. Suppose if a user orders food ten times a month and saves a minimum of 50 rupees per order, then their total saving is five hundred, which is noticeable. However, it didn’t affect the restaurant owners also, as magic8 didn’t ask for high commission rates. 

Easiest App to Operate 

No other apps can match the operational feasibility level of the magic8 food delivery application. First of all, it did not require any user ID or additional personal information. One has just to verify their mobile number so that the executive can contact them. There is no need to share anything else. Furthermore, a couple of taps are required to choose the nearest restaurant and place the order. Cash on delivery options is always available with your preferred restaurant. 


In the last section, we love to announce that Magic8 App offers up to 75% OFF on this Independence Day to its users. So, hurry up, order your most-loved food, and save a lot of money using the excellent Magic8 food delivery app. 

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