Belgaum artists exhibition in Bangalore

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E-invitationBoth the artists have showcased their ‘Intent’ and ‘Intuition’ by creating a story and drama with light and color. The play of colors is a stark contrast in their individual styles. While Shirish nurtures his soul with art, Sachin borrows from life and the expressions of his soul is imprinted on his canvas, his soulmate.

For the current artworks on display Sachin worked with thick textures and a direct tube to canvas method as experiment. His visualisation is guided by his intuition and there is a dynamic in the process of creating each artwork. He sees a great power in the sea or ocean and has always felt compelled to depict its mighty potential and colossal nature. The vivid colours and sparkles of water and myriad nature embracing its true quality, their coexistence to balance the journey of life is beautifully portrayed as the boats silently convey the message.

The essence and meaning of life and living is extracted from every encounter with his adventures on canvas. The mind is a miracle. Being in touch with ones right side to be mindful of BEING is the sole purpose and essence of Sachin. His motto is experience and journey of being in the NOW.

The current works on display by Shirish Deshpande are on the street life of old Delhi. He has created brilliant morning mood with the intent of sharing his experience walking on these streets capturing the pictorial elements of simple everyday life modes of transport like the bicycle, rickshaws, old Vespa scooters; everyday mundane like the hawkers and hanging electrical wires which are going nowhere – seeing beauty in every step; movement of life in people who are walking, sitting, standing, depicting time that passes one moment into another open or closed shutters, plastic covers once there and then gone. He is a dramatic story teller who can bring life come alive using light and shadow, brilliant detail

that is hard to miss looking from his lens and in embracing the one chance of Delhi’s misty mornings creating angular light and corresponding shadows. He loves to provoke the artist in you. If the viewer were to experience any singular emotion that art inspires and saturates the soul he feels the connect between each soul as ONE. Shirish Deshpande says “Art for me is food for the soul. Art inspires, illuminates, encourages, surprises, excites, provokes, calms, elevates emotionally as well as spiritually and connects soul to soul. On seeing my art, if the viewer experiences even one of these emotions, then we connect soul to soul”. He feels limitless while creating art. Apart from the oil and acrylic medium, he also makes fine artworks using color ball point pens as his medium. He creates full color effects and full scale gradation of tone by combining the fine lines within the limited range of colors available using cross hatching and various other rendering techniques.

Gallery No.1,

Chitrakala Parishat,

Kumar Krupa Road, Bangalore 560001.

T: 080-22261816

Inauguration: by Shri Chiranjivi Singh on 11th Oct 2013 at 4.00pm.

Date & Timing: From 12th October to 17th October 2013. (11 am to 7 pm)




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