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Belgaum Bandh call on Friday

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Sri Ram Sena has given a Belgaum Bandh call on Friday 11 September in connection to violence in Miraj & Sangli. There is curfew imposed in Miraj and other places after there was violence at the time of Ganesh idol immersion over Afzal Khan poster.

The Sene has requested the managements of educational institutions, business establishments and private transports to stop the services on Friday from 6 am to 6 pm.

Hotel Association, Vegetable Market Association, Jai Bhim Autorickhsaw Association, Market Yard Merchants’ Association, Chamber of Commerce, Tempo Owners’ Association and Lingayat organizations have supported the bandh call the sena claims.

The police in Belgaum have taken this threat seriously and have done preventive arrests of Vilas Pawar and his other associates to stop the bandh from happening.

4 thoughts on “Belgaum Bandh call on Friday”

  1. this is just hampering the lives of people who earn theri daily bread and butter…
    its making people hungry for one day and commercical establishments uphold it causing bussiness and economic losses and nothing else
    me as a student just loose one more day at college and strongly do not consider it as a way of protest at all
    its just pulling the city behind by one day

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    Hi Indians,

    Feeling sad to explain few words, my following words may look like a 10th standard student listening to the LKG subjects but no other go, i fell to express.

    Guys, my/our country is a developing country every day we need to struggle, we need to contribute towards the goal n then only we can do something for nation, something to bring India forward to compete neighboring countries. But it to happen one must be economically string, state wise, district wise and independently but what’s happening in our belgaum? When we proudly say in case of some issues (like border dispute and in case of lack of facilities) from government that we are SECOND BIGGEST EXPORTERS of the state and we are not getting facilities n support from the government, why can’t we say united that we wont close our Belgaum for a day for all these faaltoo issues to loose our consistency?

    Every day Belgaum turn over is thousands of crores and hundreds of crores is my city earning, if again n again , once or twice in a month we closing the city means how can my city, my state n my country go forward?

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    Brothers n sisters/ all Indians, you be a Hindu or a Muslim or of any other Dharma we are all of same blood, we eat the same rice, we drink the same water but why do you fight against each other? May be the lack of education is the cause for this.

    Now some one may interrupt here n say (any Hindu) what should we do when some one hits Hindu’s, should we keep watching like cowards? No we will hit them back. N same way a (Muslim) will say wise versa. N the matter goes on n on. Instead why don’t you leave the matter to Police or government? If they are not solving the matter go n strike against govt n police, why do you close the city?

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    All these my words will be understood to those initiators of such bund’s only when they loose some their own related persons. Guys remember I am a Belgaum born n bought up I have seen the city for past 25 years. When the most worst situation than this happened to my town in 1991, 1999, 2002 no one extended their hand (not even sangli or miraj for which you are fighting today) for help. N TODAY BELGAUM IS BUND JUST BECAUSE SOME VIOLENCE IN SOME OTHER PLACE. Belgaum was closed for more than 8 days in 2002 when I was 1st year engg student, I lost my precious start up education, day to day earning people fed hungry for a week, finally for a common man also everything in house was emptied but couldn’t buy anything outside as well. Some lives were lost who were suffering from diseases and more than 950 people were jailed. Now you decide should it happen again?


    Mahantesh V


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