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Belgaum City Corporation website says daily flights to Bangalore Bombay


ccb2http://www.belgaumcity.gov.in/ the official website of the Belgaum City Corporation is no different from other government websites, which are not bothered to be updated with time.

The site under its Tourism page still mentions that there are direct flights to Bangalore and Bombay, where as the same have been stopped for over 8 months now.ccb1


Recently the similar was mentioned on the Belgaum.nic.in site which was eventually changed. But the corporation site it has not been updated.

Also the mention of Bombay was surprising to me, when the state govt. is bent on making Belgaum to Belgavi, it still mentions Mumbai as Bombay. (Raj Thakrey are you reading this)

Many people will say what is so great in this story? Not really great but people visiting Belgaum for the first time will visit this site and when they read something which is misleading will hurt them a lot.

So much talk of egovernance but no one bothers to update a website. What can you expect from them?

Governments work is God’s work. No comments.



  1. Please help me to do project on a study on operations management system and recovery strategies in belgaum district central cooperative bank limited belgaum-

  2. Ya lot of errors can be noticed on City Corporation belgaum's Web Site.
    They have also mis-spelt many a times including the State's Name as Kamataka.

    What a shame!
    Websites of Govt. like this one must be updated and
    thorough proof reading work must be carried by competent person may be from Govt. or NGO..
    May be some chai paani is involved with the Contractor who is outsourced this Task…
    Wake up Govt. babus

  3. With all Netas camping in resorts of Goa, HYD and the Babus watching Tamasha… who can be bothered about the government work!
    It is pity that we elect such people as our representatives and these representatives in turn bring their buddies in government offices that are to serve the common man!

  4. Is their any particular Govt Dept which takes care of all the Govt Dept web sites & followup for the regular updates, or else its maintained by the respective dept?

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