Belgaum getting many Traffic Signals:Khanapur Road widened


These are new on the Belgaum roads now. New traffic signals are being put up at RPD Cross & Cantonment Bord cricle(near Globe Theatre). No doubt these were necessary but with these the road humps near the signals should be removed otherwise the traffic will become dead slow. and hope they will be on for quite a some time other than those installed earlier.

Khanapur Road (camp) being widened

These are pictures oft he Khanapur Road (camp, infront of police quarters) near to Sanchayni circle. the said road is being widened by 3 feet. In the above pics you can see the JCB digging out the earth and on the other side is the already dug part. Due to this the traffic is very slow on this road after Fish market to Sanchayani circle.
Photos courtesy: UkMaD


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  1. Hi great wrok done and good info pics, The road between from Bogarves to Station is under Ccantonment board but I dont understand why are they not making on with road divder, it should be a four lane road, they have a very poor planning but you the road inside the camp the roads a re wide and good, why not this higway be taken care


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