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#Belgaum is now a very trending keyword on the social media and the political battle field as well. May what it be but the buck stops at the border dispute.

The corporation which was dissolved and after which this trending has picked up pace, but the work at the corporation is with the same pace. Meanwhile in the city there was a protest rally taken out by the Marathi Yuva Sanghtana and gave a memorandum to the DC and the MES did a rasta roko on Vengurla road.

raj 1In the evening Maharashtra NavNirmaan Sena Chief Raj Thackeray said Marathi-speaking people in Belgaum need to rethink about their demand of merging with Maharashtra. He also said Marathi organizations in Belgaum need to practically think about how long a movement can be stretched. He further added we need to explore possibility of conservation of Marathi within Karnataka, if Marathi’s give up merger demand. Maharashtra is full of problems, unsure if Marathi’s in Belgaum will be happy if the city is merged with us. Raj said he understands the feelings of the people but how many generations will we waste on this issue.
The MES and the Shiv Sena have strongly opposed these statements made by Raj.

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  1. These are sensible comments made by the MNS leader. Better sense has prevailed.

    Only those who have political ambitions would like to keep this alive. We all must come forward and look towards making Belgaum a better place to live for times to come.

    All political parties must make their views clear like MNS.

  2. With my limited English Grammar sense feel that the headline needs a correction! Where has this word “trending” evolved from?? Please explain.

    Also in the paragraph “after which this trending has picked up pace”… Feel it must be trend or trends have picked pace.

  3. Guys please …! Language is just a medium of expression of thought… Why are we fighting over this ? Both Kannada and Marathi brothers and sisters please think about this… WE EITHER CO-EXIST OR PERISH !!! The more we resist the more is persists… Instead lets focus our energies on some constructive activities. Leave behind the petty politicians who are trying to divide people for their own gains… !

  4. .. first he should look to improve his own state. belgaum is developing in its own phase, and it is far far developed than some district of MH .. and people are happily unite here. belgaumites don't panic by following such politicians and spoil the unity. politicians never want peace. they want to rule people not serve people… just grow up guys don't support such people don't waste time in supporting such people. instead understand that we are indians first and we all are one.

  5. Amazing! Well spoken, If everyone thinks the same, there shall be only Developments and nothing else, Regards and respects to Raj Thackarey, India needs leaders like you.

  6. We all Belgaum people, will support the Mr. Raj Sab, he is practical person with clear vision,
    Belgaum is far good city with all facilities, ascompared to near by cities Sangli & Solapur of Maharashtra
    If you consider in the view of language, Kannada & Marathi, The whole new generation in Belgaum is English speaking,, Just go near any school in Belgaum, all these childern are speaking in English, The Future language of Belgaum is English only

    • Yes U R right….. even a cobler, hair dresser, shoe vendors, carpenter, hawkers, house maids speak english in most areas of camp…….. Over all english is more spoken and accepted in belgavi… In karnataka Belgaum people are more friendly and adjust with everyone…

  7. A very mature and realistic solution by MNS. No one wants a fight. We should respect all languages and co exist.

    Great Call Mr Raj. !!

  8. Well, Raj seems to be a brainy and practical person. He is right is saying how many generations will we waste on this issue. He is also right is taking a practical look at merger of Belgaum with Mah. There are many advantages in Bgm being part of Kar. Marathi activists should let go with the merger demand and Karnataka govt can show some maturity and make arrangements to provide govt records in Marathi too. Amicable solution is just round the corner. Belgaum potential can then be exploited for betterment of its people and that of country's.

  9. AAB team can we take an initiative of coming out with a committee or panel or leaders who can follow up on the developmental activities with the Govt? The interaction needs to be on day to day bases. Work to bring corruption free activities..bring people together and mobilize the activities.? Something similar to Times of India's Lead?

  10. It is a honest statement andd true. Belgaum is better managed and will get more importance in Karnataka . Maharashtra is big state and has its own problems.

    Only few people gain like Tarun Bharat. Shiv sena is trying to enter Belgaum and that is why creating all mess.

    Let peace prevail and the people on agitation are not more than 200 in any agitation

  11. Good statement made by mr raj. He is a practical person with real vision towards common man. Both kannada and marathi people are living peacefully. The politicians who wish to be in news are creating such nuisance. Our far far far better than other cities of mah. Kar govt is providing all the facilities to belgaum provided the local leaders should make use of that resourcs. Let all together live peace without any border issue n contribute the development of the city.

  12. I feel Mr Raj Thackrey has hit the right nerve. We have spent enough of time fighting this issue and practically speaking I do not see Belgaum merging with Maharashtra. Both the states are equally good and there is no real need for change of state. What is required is development of Belgaum. We all know that Belgaum has immense talent and resources to grow compared to many other cities but we are not growing to our strength. One of the reason is Border dispute. Belgaumites would have left this issue long back but due to ill intentions of certain fringe elements it’s always kept alive and in the news. In the name of self respect, in the name of honour and in the name of language people are made to live with this issue. It’s a high time we should get away from this issue and better work on the development of city. I completely agree with Mr Raj Thackarey’s views, Marathi culture can be kept alive irresrespective of the city being in KA or MH.

  13. Raj Thackeray comment on Belgaum issue is “true”, “well said”, “sensible”, “amazing”, “mature and realistic”, “honest”, “brainy and practical” etc……

    and when he act or speaks against North Indian & South Indian, he is narrow minded, cheap political, insensitive etc…..?????????

  14. Now you see….nobody likes being divided…If Raj had given his statement otherwise nobody would have supported him. I urge MES to change their views..Belgaum is a beautiful cosmopolitan city which very few cities in India enjoy this. We can set an example of people belonging to different religion, casts and speaking different language can leave together and develop together.

  15. You People are Don't understand the real questions of Marathi People in Belgaum. It is not matter of language. What Raj is saying is Rubbish. He should steady and understand the Real problem.

    • Hi Manoj,

      Are you belongs to MES or Shivsena?
      Because of people like you the relation between kannada and marathi is disturbed ….

      Even kannada peoples are not doing such agitations in kolhpure or in mumbai they will respect marathi and well adjusted with local people, then why don't you do the same in belgaum.


  16. Raj Urges for a “practical” instead of an “emotional” approach to resolve the issue…

    Nice and perfect slap on MES people face.

  17. Why, some wants to be separate from karnataka, because, here no values for non kannada speaking people, I am in the favour of lets Belgaum go to Central govt. kannada people without concerning & other feeling they are forcable changing city name, i think majory of the people dont want to change the name. if they are thinking this ways then dispute will be ramain. first we have to respect each other irrespective of caste, then Belgaum will automatically improves. About Raj he is doing politics with shiv sena, thats why he is passing this statment.

    • @ Karan

      Dont you think that MH govt is forcing marathi on non-MH people in thier state ?
      Understand the meaning of being a ROMAN when you are in ROME …
      People like you who always try to devide INDIA dont even deserve to go back n settle in MH also, You should have been thrown out with PAKISTANI’s itself…

      • Come on Mahant lets not go to rome unless all understand the politics behind languages, perhaps india is only country in the world where CHOR politicians, econmists, corrupt admin officers can play very very easily with indians giving flames with languages, cricket & last not the least the religion- there should be only one language ——- HINDI – if we want to progress as indians as a whole not mere industralists

      • @ Mahantesh

        Well Marathi people being in majority in Belgaum it is their right to receive all official/govt documents in Marathi. Even I find it difficult to read the 7/12 documents which are given in Kanada.

        The condition of Kanada people in Maharashtra cant be compared one to one to that of Marathi people living in Belgaum. If at all the Kanada people are in majority in any of the city in Maharashtra they should fight for their basic rights nothing wrong about it. Belgaum is a very good case for declaring it as Union Territory & this can ensure some real development at Belgaum. Expressing one’s views does not means that the person is not patriotic. If you want you can go & stay in Pakistan where even the civilians carry AK 47.

          • Truth is always bitter & I do not write just to impress anyone, at least not the double standard people like you. Well the content of my blog clearly says that the pain is in heart so why then we all are talking of healing the legs.

            Russia, USA etc etc has nothing to do with this issue. It is my birthland & I see my people suffering & hence I (It comes on its own, no double standards) need to have my say so that justice is done. Need to appreciate that the struggle has been very peaceful & constitutional.

          • Oh!
            Fine, what about the people born in here ( Kannadiga's , muslim's, christains).. its their birthland too, after 1956 many are born here MR Atul, justify your stand..
            No one has said what MARATHA'S are fighting is a wrong, its just that they don't want to learn kannada, fine, according to constitution, there are states in INDIA, one needs to learn the language of the state (like it or not) for it functions on it. In Tamil nadu nothing works.. its either tamil or english, In Gujrat its gujrathi or hindi, So my friend learn whats happening,
            All are peaceful, only MES when it gets it morcha wants all shop closed and pelts stones!
            KRV is the birth of MES, Go to Maharastra (solapur) all are kannada people, they still talk and write in marati.
            Democracy is not bitter, your thought is..don't even try to write either, you can't!
            We have the best city in INDIA, and thank MES, if it was not them the karnataka govt wouldn't have done so much or shown importance to Belgaum.

          • Well the content once again reflects your double standard. Let us call a spade a spade & do not twist the words. The Marathi people are in majority in Belgaum right from starting & that is the logic for the claim. The best thing is to go for a referendum with the people of Belgaum as what they want to be part of Maharashtra/Karnataka/Union Territory. Diplomacy/good words only prolong the problem & do not ever offer a solution.

            How much Karnataka government is paying attention to Belgaum can be simply asserted by its development & growth, employment opportunities. It is the mother nature we should be thankful to that we have been blessed with good fertile land, very good weather & this really takes care (Belgaum economy depends on agriculture) of the millions of stomachs in Belgaum. Try to introspect, without any hostility & then you will realise that how we Belgaumites have been exploited to the day.

          • Its because of people like you who call them selves educated yet think and act like this our city is not progressing…In my view you are not educated but only literate…Think about it seriously!

          • Dhup meh nikalo Ghataou meh nahakar dekho, Zindagi khay hai kitabo kho haatakar dekho, hope you understand the meaning of this. Well I do not need any certificate from you for my education. Try to debate on the issue and not on the person who is debating it as this is done only when one is weak in debating.

            You know the so called educated people only are spoiling this world as they are the cheaters & think that by talking good & sweet they can simply exploit anyone. I simply said go for referendum & that is how it should be.

          • Mr Atul! What justice are you talking about? Did you go to Mumbai to do justice to your fellow Indians when UPs and Biharis were being driven out from Mumabi or MH? They did not ask for any state/union tertiary any govt notices or circulars in their language they were just earning bread and butter…Now you say who has double standards ??? Do not talk about it as every Belgaumite knows whatz the truth !!!

          • As I said earlier the pain is in heart so why diagnose the legs. The case of Mumbai etc etc can't be compared to that of Belgaum. My forefathers did not migrate to Belgaum.

          • You are welcome to stay in Belgaum. Once again since the majority is of Marathi speaking it should be either in Maharashtra or should be declared as Union Territory. If still in doubt simply have a referendum to know the wish of Belgaum people.

          • Just because you want something you cannot change the geography. If I don't like Pak being my neighbour I cannot change the geography ie. Pak being attached to India. I should relocate myself to some other country or learn to stay in status quo. Same is applicable to you dear friend.

          • Why? Just because you think it shouldn't be?
            Who are you man?
            Legs, heart .. kya baat kar raha hai yaar?
            If Belgaum be's union territory, so should MUMBAI. Actually it should belong to Gujrat as it has more gujrati and gujrati speaking people, also hindi, it should be a union territory as all speak hindi there, it therefore should either belong to Bihar, UP or some hindi speaking state!
            To your knowledge, have you even been to INDORE? its in M.P It has more number of Marathi speakers than Hindi..
            Dude.. go get a life.. first decide.. legs or heart.. where is the pain, then come and talk!

          • Rightly said Robbie!
            Atul do you know there are many people in Kholapur and Sholapur whoz forefathers also didn't migrate..But still have learnt Marathi and adjusted to the environment. You need to rethink on this…and providing some non-sense example of heart…leg etc which doesn't bear any analogy to the current discussion doesn't provide you any stand for your words.

          • But they are not in majority es simple see bath kho samajtha khuy nahi tu. Dont hit around the bush rather see things in mirror yah phir meri aakho meh dekh tujhey sach khay hai dikhayi degaa. Morever nothing wrong If the people in Kolhapur/Solhapur demand for government documents to be furnised in Kanada. Samajnhe khi koshish kar na tu, get matured.

          • Well debate on the issue & not on the person & as said earlier also when one gets weak in debate he gets into personal allegation (you started with sick man etc etc). Indore has lots of Marathi speaking is a well known fact as it was ruled by the Holkars but then Belgaum is a different case & the best solution is to go for a referundum with the people of Belgaum. Also one should be aware that there is a case pending in Supreme Court.

          • Atul where ever is the pain …where ever is the diagnosis done…one is for sure! You need to be treated mentally !

          • Can understand your frustration as you can't debate hence you have gone mental. Well take care of your health & come on it is just a debate.

          • @Atul Bhai,

            Instead of telling non sense reasons like heart pain or leg pain, why don't you start Kannada teaching campaign in and around Belgaum for all your Marathi speaking brotherhood. This initiate solve your all problems. you no need to admit to any mental hospital or need any cardiologist….. am sure you will become Hero in overnight….

            My suggestion is totally free for you…But as per my understand you don't digest it … get frustration…. Better you have to see a good doctor ….

          • Hi Commentator, Well you are always welcome to be a tutor for Kanada language as I am not against any of the languages, in fact I love to learn Punjabi, Urdu etc. At the same time you need to agree that I can always support & defend my mother tongue Marathi & that is what I am doing.

            The problem with my writing is that it is not very easily understandable as it needs bit of intellect to know what is the say (heart & leg do not suggest need of a doctor rather I am pointing to much more which you need to understand). Commentator Bhai kuch samaj meh nahi aatha hai toh tension nahi leneka rather have 3 to 4 pegs & have goodnight sleep. Happy booze & wish you all a very happy new year 2012 in advance.

        • @Atual All the best.

          @ Mahant… I know anyone will be tempted to reply to some of these blogs but you can't change someone's view point that too when they are not listening to you. Some people don't want to learn Kannada, although I am not sure whether they hate the language or they find it difficult to learn or anything else.
          Even if God comes down to earth and tell them to learn Kannada then also they will not learn. 🙂 You might say I am giving some unrealistic statement but thisis true (can’t demonstrate though). For some people this has become an ego issue and not a language issue.

          — dharmo rakshati rakshitaha

        • Dear Marathi Brothers….

          Listen ….

          As you can accept this truth I will tell you openly.. You are trying to do all these issues and senseless activities because some one is listening to you and they are provoking you… What if the case where no one was heard you…

          For example try this…

          “Call all your marathi friends and relatives in china, rassia US , Europe etc and ask them to fight their to get your/thoir marathi rights… and see what happens”…

          To be practical,, your own marathi people go to europe n learn German, Italian, French, they go to US n learn to speak english in US accent,, They go to Rassi and learn ruse,,,,

          My question is.. Who all are they for you ? US, UK, Rassians are they ur brothers or relatives ? but still you learn their language ,, and hate your sister language i e KANNADA….

          Is it justified ? In your bad time a Kannadiga , a telagu, a tamilian, a gujaraati or whole heartedly finally a INDIAN will help you not a RUSE or a US bug…

          First consider we are all one and then rethink of your demands,,, If you are granted your wish the whole INDIA will start burning on ashes …..


        • Mr Atul bandge…… People who are trying jammu n Kashmir to merge with Pak, we are calling them still INDIANS despite of there language and religion. Same applicable to you. Think in right way. Then also if you urge condition here also same as in jammu n Kashmir. How J n K is going to remain as Indian state, belgaum also going to remain as a dist of karnataka.

      • Rightly said Mahantesh! Who is Shiv sena or any other party or person to tell what should we do in our state? Do we go and do the same thing in MH or any other state? If people don't like being changed our city name. Let them go and stay where the things happen according to their likes. Does this Mr. Karan if goes to US will do the same thing? Such people should learn to leave with the laws of the land.

    • @ Karan

      Karan I was very much hurt when Tamilnaadu government changed MADRAS name to CHENNAI and that time I was staying there.. and I was also hurt when Aamchi/Tumchi BOMBAY was changed to MUMBAI..

      Should TN and MH goverment have dropped their renaming for my feelings ?

        • @ Vasco …

          Superb …

          You gave me the answer.. Same in case of Belgaum too…

          As your name itself says you are outsider… And the previous person who says ‘he was hurt when Belgaum name is changed to Belagaavi ‘ is also …

          Got it ?

  18. Rohan has given very good example to Mr. Karan and his supporter. People should learn and adjust to local territory wherever they stay and avoid any such issues. If karan moved to US or other place will he start same thing in that area too?

    Karan can you answer this honestly???

  19. good and practical solution. These congress, and shiv sena are using this issue for their narrow political games. The best solution would be to include the marathas of this border disputed areas into Central list of backward classes , which will be truly a welfare measure for these people as they are hardly represented in Central and state govt jobs

    • Well I am proud to be a Maratha. You have posted your comment under identification of Annonymous I think you are not sure of who you are.

    • Well I am proud to be a Maratha the one who ruled India. You have posted your comment under identification Annonymous which clearly suggests that you dont know who you are (b………..). Be decent while having your say.

  20. It's long time , I have not visited belgaum. Taking these comments in practical , I want to see some change in attitude so that our belgaum become IT hub . So that i can return back to my home. Next time whenever I visit . I don't want to see any trouble becuase of border dispute.

  21. Request ABB..

    Can you initiate some developmental, constructive articles or debate in and around Belgaum…..

    So that people can think on right tracks unless they will fall on non-sense issues related debates…

    As educated people needs to lead the rest of the world not the illiterate one get any chance to lead…

  22. Hello all, Atul commentator, etc, etc.
    I am kannadiga, My neibours are Marathi, Some times I speak brokan marathi, Marathi people enjoy my language. They are very fluent in Kannada. Look here the point is I atleast tried to talk marathi in return my neibours learned fluent kannada. Point is I made the first moves the result is great. Today the same marathi people have put their children in kannada medium, taking full benefits of karnataka govt education system, they cannot leave belgaum or karnataka, this implies their children will get admissions in fentastic colleges of karnataka and become educated and work in big corporates where there is not difference between kannada and marathi. Hence please dont fight.
    Moral: Be Roman in Rome


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