Belgaum is calm

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The Shivsena had called for a bandh on Friday in Kolhapur against the Karnataka governments decision for superseding the city corporation. But how ever life was normal in Belgaum.

There was no kind of protest, rally or anything in the city after the corporation was dissolved.

Now many may attribute to the functioning of the corporation it self, no one was happy with its functioning.

The Loksabha was stalled and adjourned over this issue and also the Maharashtra assembly which later passed a unanimous resolution asking the center to make Belgaum a union territory until the supreme court gave its decision.

Mean while Belgaum Zilla Panchayat Chief Executive Officer and in-charge Deputy Commissioner Ajay Nagabhushan took charge as administrator of the Belgaum City Corporation on Friday.

Inter-State bus services between Karnataka and Maharashtra were affected on Friday following a daylong bandh organized by Shiv Sena.

There were heated debates on TV and also some channels showing flashes that Belgaum is tense, but there is no tension of any sort in the city and the city is calm.

The current calmness could be attributed to the recent event when all Belgaumites came together to stop the transfer SP Sandeep Patil. It was for the first time that both Marathi and Kannada speaking public were together along with other groups.

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  1. From this only we will realise that belgaum is peace loving city. Whatever ruckus things often happening are from outsiders. Kannada people are peace lovers. Happy weekend belagavi……

    • belgaum is peaceloving and cosmopolitian city with different cultures and languages and there is no problems except some kannada goons under govt protection trying to create problems .marathi and kannada are brothers and will remain so in apla belgav.

  2. As belgaum is part of karnataka, no need to make any bandh. Protect public property. Bandh is in maharashtra state. Let them destroy there property. It is always difficult to make dog tail straight.

    • The bandh in Maharastra only shows how nicely Karnataka is developing 🙂
      The Bandh is called by politicians, the mass of maharastra wants development too, Belgaum is the place to be in Karnataka! all are settling in here, coz of water, climate and behaviour!
      We need to only focus on how nicely can we develop Belgaum and make it an awesome city.
      Don't bother on bandhs 🙂

  3. As belgaum is part of karnataka no need to make any bandh. Bandh is called in maharashtra. Let them destroy there public property. It is always difficult to make dog tail straight…

  4. From this we only learn how badly we are influenced! all are fighting .. for what?
    We have kaku and kaki in Belgaum and everytthing is normal, there in Kolhapur was a band, why? all political gains, Keep fighting or not, Belgaum is gonna shine for its climate water and cosmo stats, if not fought.. its gonna be a big city, even if fought its gonna be a big city 🙂 If an issue its gonna be a superb city faster! Whatever.. Belgaum is gonna shine

  5. stop ding injustice with marathi community in belgaum karwar bhalaki . plz since they having the right of son of soil plz dont beat them plz dont injustice with them. JAI HIND. real indian sharad rao.

    • Why do u want to divide poeple. what injustice has happened. has any just can and beaten all the marathi speaking poeple how are walking on road or entered their house and beaten . i do not thinksuch thing has happened. we belgaum people are all peace loving poeple weather kannada or marathi or urdu.
      by this only handful or polictical guys make money. they who create problem to build their life

  6. weather belgaum is part of karnataka or maharastra, we are indian first & we are in india. and only the politican are going to get benifit with this all as they have only this work.
    we have to earn are bread daily where ever we are,

    let say I AM A INDIAN " Jai Bharat


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