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Belgaum MPs delay KF flight

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The entire nation is fighting against corruption and the arrogance of politicians and to add a cherry to it, today the Belgaum Mumbai KingFisher flight 4132 was delayed due as the TWO Members of Parliament could not come on time.

Sucheta Dalal a journalist, writer & Managing Editor of Moneylife who is also from Belgaum tweeted today about this. She was on the same flight.

She tweets: “kingfisher flight 4132 at Belgaum airport: captain announces flight is delayed because 2 MPs r on way to airport: THIS IS WHY WE NEED LOKPAL

The Captain himself says that the flight is delayed because of the TWO MP’s. The two MP’s were confiormed to be Mr.Prabhakar Kore & Suresh Angadi.sucheta

The flight stats confirm that the flight was delayed by 5 mins and the flight took off at 13.20 instead of 13.15.

The Airport officials confirm that there was a delay of 3 mins and a delay upto 5 mins is allowed and need not be reported.

Sources told this blog who were aboard the flight that there was a heated exchange of words between the passengers aboard the flight who stood up and clapped as they entered the plane saying Welcome .

The MP’s said that they were delayed as they were caught in traffic as there were many protests going on in the city and I have no history of making any flight delayed in the past.

But the question here is if a common man was late would KF delay the flight?

Why special treatment for  politicians?

Sucheta Dalal further tweets:

“Kingfisher flt 4132 from belgaum: still waiting for the names of MPs. pls help find out.”

“Kingfisher flt 4132 at Belgaum airport: MPs just arrived. Passengers stood up to thank them for delaying flt. They arrogantly said so what?”

“Many time, I look at tweets – sue Kingfisher, tell Air India/jet/kingfisher to ignore MPs etc. – and wonder if we r in the same country”

17 thoughts on “Belgaum MPs delay KF flight”

  1. Great names both…one cunning fellow has switched parties to avoid his medical colg staff from migrating to d new govt college …and he’s tryin to do dat by delaying d application of latest pay commission’s salary to d well deserved staff!bloody parasite…md seats literally auctioned off at 2crores plus!u think people who learn der r gonna be docs who serve der patients??damn!and d oder guy needs no special mention!suddenly he’s interested in educating everyone!aha!

  2. Both of these MP's are crooks, people of Belgaum should take this opportunity to telvise this incident on the national television so that it can add more fuel to the Jan Lokpal bill.

    • Deepak they ar enot only croocks they are Certified crooks.We as people of belgaum should teach a lesson to them.Today whatever they are just because of Belgaum public,and no wonder for Suresh Angadi he is CAW.

  3. Like Annaji said sit for dharna at there house and delay all there personal daily work (Including going to toilet in morning ) let them feel how frustrated we get when things are delayed at govt offices.

    Also passanger should sue the airline for damages due to delay teach them a lesson so that they should respect everybodys time and not just local political goons.

  4. Well the so called elected representatives are supposed to be the servants of the citizens but here it is exactly opposite. By norms one has to report at least 30 minutes before the schedule forget reporting even 1 minute late.

    Government burdens the common man with heavy tax, then the other problem is the revenue collected is not spent meaningfully (as there is lot of corruption – in any scheme If Rs 100 is allotted only Rs 25 is really spent for the purpose & the remaining Rs 75 just vanishes). So what next once again burden the common man with more tax & nobody asks what happened to that Rs 75 & in this process junk produces more junk. We really need to get rid of these junk politicians. In fact the team Anna (Kiran Bedi, Arvind, and Agnivesh) should wave a new party & show some light & bring good time to India. It is high time we all get active in politics otherwise once again the junks will dominate.

    • Btw, I don't mean to say that they deserve the privilege because they are some super-humans. They are just ordinary citizens with additional responsibilities. A 5 min delay, while not ideal, is too trivial to make an issue about.

  5. we also missed our agriculture minister manhandling a rpf head constable on duty at hubli railway station!though the s.i and the minister are hushing up the incident as ‘misunderstanding’!!!

  6. in todays day and time,politicians and bureaucrats are the rulers….on paper they are the representatives of the people and are supposed to serve india they can get by with almost anything.but things are changing and this website is an example of despite its flaws, is playing an excellent role by bringing facts in public domain and making people accountable for their actions….however,for every citizen to have equal rights,WE THE CITIZENS have to change as well.i am sure everybody would agree that all of us use their so called 'CONTACTS' in higher places to get things done their way…..unfortunately right now……ALL ARE EQUAL,BUT SOME ARE MORE EQUAL

  7. i think youth, educated youth needs to get involved in mainstream politics to clean up the mess created by these no good, useless, old bags of bones. it may not look like a lucrative career option, but some1 needs to get their hands dirty

  8. i recollect once when i was in kle Mr Prabhakar Kore was on his usual visits to KLE hospital and they asked every one to go away and clear the path so tht Mr kore could visit his hospital.. .. wht are the relatives of the patients goiing to do,, and tht was suppose to be the visitings hrs.. so much of problem was created to aam janta at the hospital.. is tht hospital for him or the patients? and lemme clear he was fit n fine and was on casual rounds.. one security guard comes up to me and says.. memsahab rasta clear karo kore saab checkin pe aa rahe hai.. wht the hell????

    • I have noticed that happenning at KLE, and its ridiculous. The security guards there (obviously under pressure from some other officials/department), treat anybody and everybody as dirt (including patients who need special attention). They need to be sensitive at such places (especially)

  9. @mr.HRJ and VISHAL,

    Yea…dey deserve dat privelege?for wat?eating our money…dunno if u guys have started earning n payin taxes…yea…comin to d privelege…get late to board a flight by just 5mins…u’l know der will be nothing more important for you to discuss….and whats more important to you dan bettering the present state of affairs and d same ****ing ‘i don care unless its got to do anythin with me’ attitude of people in our city!its gone to d dogs because of d same attitude to such things happening again n again n again!!!think about these things first….there is nothing more important….anyways everyone is eating well and sleeping well!

  10. i do agree with Anp123 the cunning MP he has mentioned is worst adminstrator who rules the Lingayat society ,being a employee of the society we are harrased as we r animals, he was the president when world kannad sahitya sammlelan was held in belgaum but he didnt allow his employees to visit their he made thm wrk and the corruption involed in the society is very high(almost all employees are involed in corruption including the grade d staff in the society)


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