Belgaum Session: 2006 and now in 2008 what city will get

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The first ever session of the Karnataka Legislative assembly was held in Belgaum 25-09-2006 to 29-09-2006.

Once the announcement of the session was made many places in the city were seen through so as to get the most ideal place for the session. Right from the VTU, Gandhi Bhavan too many other places and at last the JNMC campus was selected. At that moment initially nobody had thought about that venue as the chairman Mr.Kore was in the congress and during that time Congress was in the opposition.

Mr.Prabhakar Kore came forward and gave his JNMC campus to be turned in to the part time assembly. Which all liked as it was somewhat out of the city with main road connectivity and many hotels in the surrounding.

Holding a session is not easy, accommodation from staff to MLA and Governor has to be done. JNMC campus has one of the best rebelgaum newsnovated international hostels like the Akkamahadevi international hostel where many of the MLAs and staff resided during the last session.  Hotels like Shankam, Ramdev, Adarsh Palace were booked.

This time also the same thing will happen, not to mention VITS will be added to the list.

Roads leading from the airport to the JNMC campus will be repaired to see that there are no potholes. The area surrounding the campus will be cleaned for cleanliness and also for security concerns. A few other roads will also get a face lift in this time.

All the students there in the JNMC had a holiday for about 10 days last time in 2006, the same would be case this time also, the number of days might be increase this time.

What else can we expect from the session to Belgaum is uninterrupted power supply during those 10 days, which will be a welcome move for us.   

The national media and also the state media will be here to cover the show. So you could see some specials on various channels in respect to Belgaum.

With all this some restrictions will also come in. All roads from Kolhapur Cross towards JNMC will be blocked. Access to KLE hospital will not be easy. People coming in from Kolhapur side might have to divert their entry near the Lake. Busses leaving from Ramdev hotel could be shifted elsewhere in that period. Regular business of local dealers from Hotel Ramdev onwards towards the campus will be drastically affected as their main consumer bases are students who will not be there.

Some new policies or draft resolutions may be passed in the Session for the growth of Belgaum district. Not sure what will happen but something is expected to happen.

Out of the 3 assembly constituencies in Belgaum, 2 are held by the ruling BJP and one by the Congress.  

If you would like to know all that happened in the 2006 session this link will give you all the details.

So now look forward to the session and hope Belgaum city will get its due.

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