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Belgaum could see a Marathi Mayor

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ccbnewbig2After the counting was over for the Belgaum city corporation it is clear that most probably Belgaum would see a Marathi Mayor as the strength of the Marathi speaking councillors is 33, while Kannada is 19 and 6 from Urdu group.

Last elections the there were 31 Marathi, 18 Kannada and 9 Urdu speaking councillors.

The reservation for the post of Mayor and Dy Mayor is not yet released and only after the same is released that the picture of the Mayor would be completely clear. Out of the said 33 Marathi group, 24 are affiliated to the MES.
Even when people would say that it is a victory for Marathi, how many stick together on the floor of the house is very important. In the past as well even with a majority there have been Kannada Mayor elected due to defection and groupism in the Marathi group. 

For the post of the Mayor and Dy.Mayor there are other 6 votes which will make or break the game plan. 4 MLA’s and 2 MP’s also have the right to vote in case of election of Mayor and Dy.Mayor. 

Some major highlights:

Sambhaji Patil becomes Councillor for the 6th time. It is a record for any individual for wining 6 times as Councillor and also for being a mayor for 4 times in country. He has played the role of the Kingmaker in the past as well.
42 Councillors have been elected for the first time. 

Belgaum is the only Corporation where all the candidates were as Independents and no political party decided to field in their own candidate as they did in all other cities. This has been a tradition in Belgaum and same was no exception this time either. 

Major Loosers: Ex Dy. mayor Dhanraj Gavli, Ex Dy. mayor Renu Killekar, Ex Mayor Manda Balekundri, Ex Mayor Prashanta Budavi , Ex Councillor Netaji Jadhav, Anita Kitwadkar, Nilima Pawshe, Azim Patwegar.

Lowest Margin:

Ward 40: Anushree Dinesh Deshapande won by a margin of 5 votes against Nilima Pawase

Highest Margin:

Ward 52: Dinesh Nashipudi won by 2344 votes margin against Basavaraj Hubballi

Out of the 20 women councillors elected 16 have been elected for the first time and the other 4 have made it as councillors even earlier.

There are 373 candidates out of which 267 are males and 106 females in 56 wards

35 thoughts on “Belgaum could see a Marathi Mayor”

  1. No matter Marathi Kannada or Urdu Mayor , all we need an educated person, with genuine concerns for citizen for Belguam
    Such as good roads with dividers, streetlights, sanitation issues addressed and maintaining green ecology of Belgaum

  2. I also have the same opinion who ever is the Mayor whether a Maratha or a Kannadiga or any body else. The first citizen of the city should think of the betterment of all the citizens of the this city and development rather than doing unwanted things.

  3. Why is he not just a Mayor ? Does it required to mention Marathi mayor ? Are you initating the language call ?

    We want a civil servant not language warrior for Belgaum…:)

      • Mirchi khalla tar manus pani peetooch, Shabdaat Kadu pana nasun desh rajya ani jya sharaat apan rahto, tya saathi thodi maan ani maryada raakli pahije, aple loka sale mahrasthrache pratinidhi ani balasaheb thakre sarkhyanni Belgavla chya marathi lokanchi saad sodli ahe, tyaat amhi nusta bhashecha navavar bombba maryahca kashalaaaahye tyaa sharhaat ani rajyaat sukaahani itaran barobar rahu, Belgav saglyan saathi ahe , nusta marathi anhi kandi lokan saathi nahi, MES KRV and MNS sagle gunda sarkhe

        • u nailed buddy!

          We r not against of anybody, Juz we need the everything which Pune and Bangalore gets. we respect Both Marathi N Kannada. so lets live like brothers nd fight for something superb!,, letz prove, we are good citizen and make it the best city in world. Next destination! Peace ! liberty !
          wow,, my list goes on,,,

      • Dude! Gappa Bais! Shuuu..
        Tula mahiti ahe na sagle ?? Mug Kashala?

        letz join yo hands together n try to do smthing for Belgaum n its ppl,,
        Guys make it as paradise not Kashmir.

    • Well a good adminstator could also be a Marathi & there is nothing wrong in mentioning the same. The mandate is very clear & in favour of the Belgaumites. So let them govern now.

    • Well Said Mahantesh ,Exactly why a Marathi a Kannda mayor, and why not a mayor for Belguam to think on devleopemnt, will it make any change to stupid idialogies of kannada , and bhagava flags , kanadi falak and marathi falak , I have no issue to have bus board in three lanaguge and marthi is devnagri lipi, the mother of all lagauge sanskrit, but it must show and highlight unity and streangth of peacful co-existance of we the Belguamites

  4. Why Marathi? Can’t he be just mayor of Belgaum? Are you spokes person of MES? Do unbiased constructive journalism. If you want to be Marathi correspondent, don’t use Belgaum in your site.

    I know you are not going to publish this. But my message is for you.

    • Mirchi Zomblli re!!!!!!!!!!!

      “If you want to be Marathi correspondent, don’t use Belgaum in your site.” what do you mean???????

  5. I am really not sure wht a marathi mayor eats and a kannada mayor eats. also probally they stay on the level of ground in belgaum . They was no quest ion of raising taht they is going to be a marathi mayor . if that candidate is lingual then he shld not be the mayoy of belgaum . More over it well known fact and understood if people have common sence and a bit of logics that belgaum will remain in Karnataka in any case with present satus in belgaum. Its a joke that people want to be blind and talk ……… So lets llok at our city and see teh progree we need to have and get the mayor to do the task in intrests of the city and it people not for political aliments to raise .Lastly expect a qualified Mayaor and not a Criminal recorded blind folded politician . Regards in the interest of belgaum

    • Well Siad Mr Vaz, whay should some one be tagged with lanagauge , and I pity the mindset, some of our educated youth still needs to add lanaguage taboo to beutiful city of Belgaum

      • M Agree too:)
        But doubt is, Is der any candidate who is really capable n sound enough to worship his duty towards the main goal (Dream Belgaum)? or just he gonna repeat the things like uneducated, sarcastic, religious, and criminal candidate, whom we already made a Mayer? I m afraid of all of them. There is no one. we required some one like, Mr prabhakar Kore, Mr Suresh Angadi, Mr Sandip Patil, Mrs Shalini Rajanish. Mrs Ekrup Kour. I respect their duties, their standard. I hate “Gavathi” ppl in corporation.

  6. AAB… Pls stop these kind of posts in AAB or else pls change the site name to “ALL ABOUT MES” that’s better.

  7. Mr editor, once i commented on an article about history of belgaum thru some of the marathi news paper scans published in AAB. I was advised by you to be unbiased. You had also advised me not to add language issue to it. I had agreed, but what are you doing now ? Answer me ! R u still unbiased ?

      • I was under the impression that AAB is totally different from usual media and also was expecting a lot from it ! But now i feel its not different from others. Thanx

  8. The Best solution for Belgaum is lets make a Union territory.Ruled and governed belgaumites(kannadigas & marathis) rather then people from state capital who have nothing to with Belgaum.
    The least benefit we can get is rid of all states taxes(only central taxes) & the max is up to your imagination :).

  9. Since 1950 what nonsense is going on?
    Whether Kannada or Marathi both the languages will not fill up stomachs?Today’s date Developement only Developement?Learn something from Hon.Chief Min.Mr.Narendra Modi

  10. This has become a news item for all.Marathi,Kannada,Urdu what is this yaar..!!!!We all are Indians!!!! No one wants to think about development of the city.I am Not understanding one thing,If suppose a marathi mayor is elected,then he will be only thinking of border issue ,nothing else.And this is happening since many years.Why people who elect these candidates do not understand.?Again they do some activities that leads to Corporation to be superceded,thats it.This is happening like a cycle:).No development works at all…!!! Lets see what happens this time :).!
    And for newspapers atleast oooooohhhhhh..!!! They also will be focusing on only border issue.I read one of the marathi paper,they had published it in front page,saying Belgaum belongs to maharashtra,its victory for all marathi people, bla bla bla,no end to this..Ok,fine!!! its that people are favouring the candidates belonging to their community,and thats fine.That doesnt mean that these results will decide anything wrt border issue.First of all border issue doesnt exist.Its already solved:) Its all about politics.!!No development, only plitics 🙂 I hope every one agrees to this point.Why are we not thinking Belgaum to be converted to another Bangalore or even better then that,Why are we not thinking that we all are Indians and everyone should leave in peace and harmony respecting the place in which we are leaving!!???

  11. बेळगाववर मराठीचा झेंडा फडकल्याची माहिती शिवसेनेचे गटनेते सुभाष देसाई यांनी विधानसभेत दिली. दोन्ही बाजूंच्या सदस्यांनी बाके वाजवून आंनद व्यक्त केला.

    • Vahh!!! Kai Anand zalakto tuamachya shabdatun.
      Ase vatate ki Bakancha Avaj aikun Shree Chatrapati Avatarle ani pratyekacha Muskatat marun Mhanale, “Tumhi faqt bake vajava, Belgavache lok bomba vajaudet”,Laz vatala havi Maharashtrala!!

      Shivsena tondavar bot thevat mhanali “Raje Belgao kuthe ahe? amhala kashala padayache bhangadit? maru dya tena. amhi faqt gadarol karu, vidhansabhet!”

      Ha Ha Ha,,,

  12. Hi,

    I fell ashamed when my Colleague or friends ask about Belgaum. I have no answers to them, because we are neither a tourist place nor a industrial hub, we are just a village in India. Belgaum is only known for border issue.When I come to Belgaum after long stay in cities like bangalore, pune etc.I see the same old belgaum, no changes. And u know what I can drive my vehicle blindfolded, bcs I know where the pot holes in roads .. hahah.. But my only target is to make my friends or colleague jealous about belgaum one day. And I hope our Ministers will help to make Belgaum proud and a spotlight on a World map.

    • Dude! R u sick??

      Yes I know Pune nd Bangalore, even i can drive there my vehicle blindfolded, I know wht is the dfrnc between Those cities and Belgaum.
      M proud to say m from belgaum. there is no any comparison..
      Dude Belgaum is Belgaum. we r clean city than Mumbai, Bangalore and Pune. yes we dont have big malls nd huge buildings like Eon cluster in pune and Echo space in Bangalore or Raghuleela Mall in vashi, Hiranandani in Powai, mumbai. But still v r better!
      If u feel shame on u, s u must feel, coz u deserve it,,
      dont ever try to tell yo *****n to us if u feel ashamed of Belgaum!

  13. Guys let it be like this for next few years. now no one bothers abt Marathi and Kanadda, all r running behind English. Everyone is career oriented n looking for the Best.
    So Belgaum n its ppl will definatly find the Best way. jus stop becoming egoist.
    Marathi-Kannada-muslim… wht is this?

    all mayer first think abt his and his beloved one’s bank balance, No one Mayer is bother abt development,employment n infrastructure of town n its ppl.

    initially we all are fool, that we entertain these ppl by our valuable vote n let them eat our ***p. aftr some time they will not recognize us. Its my personal experience, last time we were very excited abt our ward neta. She was poor lady committed to develop our ward. Believe me, with in 1year aftr getting elected she bought a house 5 km away from our ward n we hardly can see here face in news paper or local tv channel.
    so what? this time we elected another lady. she will also do the same.

    is ther ne one who thinks beyond Marathi-Kannada-Urdu ?
    is ther ne one who is loyal, honest nd hard working ?
    is ther ne one who is educated nd capable nd not currept?
    is ther ne one who can change the present scenario?
    is ther ne 0ne who will work towards the better development?

  14. Friends still i am not getting why peoples are selecting such neta’s those always use language issue(like marathi,kannada,urdu).
    only thing i requsting to all my selected neta’s that please try to change your mind sets and develop our cool city rather than doing unwanted things.


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