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BELGAUMITE OF THE YEAR- “Humbled & Inspired”

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shivaji kagnikar belgaumby Sameer Majli
AAB’s Belgaumite of the Year is function that is an amazing experience for those present and a great miss for all those that are not in attendance. While the awards really do not matter in terms of who gets them, the awardees provide for the humbling and inspirational experience that is worth its value in gold.

Graced by individuals big and small, young and old, able and differently abled, it provides the much needed and cherished platform for an exchange of ideas, greetings and thoughts for people who think about and live for the betterment of this wonderful town of ours.

Yesterday’s Awards Function was an eye opener for each one present. The sincere expression of thoughts by the Lifetime Achievement awardee Shri. Shivaji Kagnikar was an experience beyond compare. After all, how many people do we find who take great pride in addressing our country with as “My Country India”? The amazing and simplistic flow of thoughts from this individual who has in a sense transformed the lives of the people in the region of Kattanbhavi left all of us with the task of introspection as to how genuine and how committed we are in each endeavour that we undertake both within and beyond our domain of routine operations.shivaji kagnikar

Inspired by his words and in awe of his immense work and dedication even prompted my students to express the desire to visit his village and see the work for themselves.

Another amazing aspect was how this simplistic and rustic “Statesman” of his own sort, greeted and bowed before others who in comparison have really not accomplished anything. The smiles and thoughts on the faces of the members of the audience were testimony to the fact that each one present had been touched, somewhere deep inside.

While he continues with his relentless effort following claims that the award had only strengthened his resolve and heightened his responsibility, most of us will get back to living life the way we know it; we get back to living what we call “Our Life” while this great individual with no hunger for recognition of any sort will continue to live the “Lives of Others” whom he has made his own by touching each aspect of their lives.

Will this inspire change or will we be lost in the drudgeries of routine as we often are, regardless of whom we listen to and regardless of how inspired we may have seemed at the moment?

Will this be just another speech or will it find voice in thoughts and expressions of our own in our varied domains of indulgence.

Take a bow “Sir” for being with you and living your philosophy is in a true sense, living a life in the best interests of this country, in the best interests of humanity, the race of which we claim to be a part and of which we claim that we are far better than any other species on the face of this planet.

Humbled and Inspired” would be an understatement.

4 thoughts on “BELGAUMITE OF THE YEAR- “Humbled & Inspired””

  1. Hats off to this humble personality , and Sameer I must say the best ever words of expression, I must admire and admit, your writing is too good

  2. Dear Editor,

    Kinldy write what exactly he got award for in article so we can learn about him and understand, and salute his contribution.

    i dont see anything written about his work.i can only read some great words which is beyond my understanding at par my English langauage understanding therefore unable to corelate the award for.

    sorry, but its Poor writing.

    Thanks and regards,
    Prashant Belgaonkar


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