BJP is cancer, rest are cold and cough – Prakash Raj


BJP is cancer, the rest of the parties are cold and cough. Cancer needs to be first cured. Let’s look at small diseases later. So do not vote for the BJP for any reason. I do not want to you vote for any party, sit and think said Prakash Raj today in Belagavi.

Prakash Raj, film actor, film director, producer, television presenter who is known for his works in the South Indian film industry and Bollywood is touring various districts in Karnataka part of Just Asking foundation.


Prakash speaking to the media said he strongly opposes BJP but he will never ask people to support any particular party, they have to sit and think.


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  1. Prakash Raj you are from few who are trying to save India from Hitler which may drag our nation 50 years behind the world. There are so many Andhe Bhakt they donot understand the reality.

  2. Prakash Raj, another joker whose understanding of Indian politics seems to be utterly dismal, is appearing more and more like a CONgress stooge nowadays. He should know well that there are hardly any takers for his ludicrous views, the only place for which is a dustbin. Hope I don’t have to suffer any of his movies anymore. I hope this “malignant cyst” is nipped in the bud somehow.

  3. If they are cancer… You are AIDS… You forgot about Karnataka long back… Playing political games doesn’t suit you Mr RAJ…. Go back to do films in telegu and tamil.

    • Exactly, he changed his surname for sake of money and greediness and now he is speaking of cancer and other disease. He is going AAP way

  4. Mr Prakash Rai, People with thinking like you are cancerous in the society. Just because you are famous because of your acting skills, we need not hear utter non-sense spoken by you. People of India now are very well informed about every government and they will take a call on whom to vote. Your suggestion is most un-welcome!

  5. This fool is mentally retarded ! Just spreading hate and communal violence.
    Need to stop this for the betterment of our city, state and country as whole.

  6. So, he is out just to oppose BJP! Interesting ideology! These are the things which will fetch more votes for BJP. Keep it up.

  7. This congi stooge some days back was promoting a congress mla muhamad nalapat harris gunda son who is currently in jail for assaulting a citizen and threatning him and he is calling bjp names why is he shy to ask for votes for congress ……shamelessly


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