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BK model School boy died after fight in school

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School boy dies in school premises, Prashant Hulmani, an 8th standard student of B.K. Model High School died after he had a fight with fellow students in the school the investigations revealed.

According to sources, Prashant was allegedly beaten up by about eight boys from the same school after school hours, following which he fell on the ground. He was later rushed to a hospital by a group of people, but he was declared brought dead.

bk-modelCCTV camera installed at the school premises was found missing on Thursday. Authorities concerned need to recover the missing camera to check the footage to ascertain the reason behind Prashant’s death.
A group of protesters attacked B K Model School demanding that the school be shut until the culprits are arrested.
Camp police have detained three students of 9th standard in connection with the mysterious death of Prashant Hulimani. All three are the students of B K Model School where Prashant was studying. According to sources, police conducted an inquiry with the students regarding the incident on the school premises itself after taking them into confidence. “Even if it is suspected to be a murder, it does not seem to be intentional. It may be accidental,” police said.

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  1. There are School Children’s so must be the names are not Reveled. It’s said that one parent as lost their child. However school can be kept responsible for non-proper security management at schools.

  2. Police have caught the culptits but being Minor names are not declared, even action against School Authority & some teachers who misguided the Police & grieved parents(only son) about cause of this death as victim fainted on playground instead of the fight by colleague students from same class & school, Ridiculous behaviour to defend school reputation at cost of student life

  3. What nonsense, why on earth are they searching for the Fu$%#$% CCTV camera, the recording will be done on the HDD. Camera just records. If the camera was there during the incident, but went missing. They can check the data saved on the HDD and let the camera go


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