Block your lost or stolen mobile phone using CEIR portal

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If you have lost your smartphone or mobile phone, there is now an official government portal to help you block the use of the device, and get some peace of mind. The Central Equipment Identity Register or CEIR portal.

In Belagavi using the CEIR facility, stolen/missing mobile mobiles in Belagavi city are being detected through the CEIR facility, so far 18 mobiles have been detected and handed over to the public.

The public should register a case on the portal through the nearest KSP (e-lost) application as soon as the mobile is stolen/missing/mobile snatching. The public is requested to make good use of CEIR. Facility.

Find Your Lost Stolen Mobile Phon

How to Block your lost or stolen mobile phone using CEIR portal

With the use of the CEIR portal, you can now block your lost/stolen mobile phone in 3️ simple steps. This will further facilitate us to track and retrieve the device.

If you are in Karnataka here are the steps to follow to report the lost or stolen mobile –

Go to –

Get the Digital acknowledgment of the FIR

Get a duplicate SIM from your service provider

Go to CEIR portal

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