Body of Middle-Aged Man Found in Belagavi Traffic Police Station Premises

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By uday

The lifeless body of a man, aged approximately 40-45 years old, was discovered under suspicious circumstances within the premises of the Traffic police station in the camp area of Belagavi city.

The body was found in the back seat of a confiscated bus parked at the traffic police station premises. Authorities suspect the individual may have passed away around ten days prior. Investigations are underway to determine whether the death was a result of foul play or natural causes.

The deceased, an unidentified individual who was reportedly begging, was found seated in the back of a bus that had been impounded and stationed within the police compound. His body was only discovered after ten days when the stench emanating from the decomposing remains alerted staff members. Due to the advanced state of decomposition, identifying the deceased has proven difficult.


Consequently, authorities have initiated a case at the Camp Police Station and transferred the body to Belagavi BIMS Hospital for a post-mortem examination. Police officers conducted a thorough inspection of the scene, with investigations ongoing to ascertain the circumstances surrounding the man’s death, whether it resulted from foul play or natural causes.

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