Booking for Chalukya express open

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Reservations for Tickets has been opened with immediate effect for Train Nos.11017/11018 DADAR-YESVANTPUR-DADAR CHALUKYA EXPRESS as per the following dates :–

1. Train Nos. 11017 DADAR-YESVANTPUR EXPRESS with immediate effect from DADAR end up to 03rd November, 2012.

2. Train No. 11018 YESVANTPUR-DADAR EXPRESS with immediate effect from YESVANTPUR end up to 05th November, 2012.

Reservations for the above was not available for a long time from November 1 onwards.

From November Nov 3 the said train would be renumbered and extended to Puducherry/Tiruvenveli and booking for the same has not yet open.

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